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Chalo the Wood Carver

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If you were not at the Boquete Library (Bibllioteca de Boquete) yesterday - Saturday morning, you missed a great opportunity to hear the interesting presentation by Chalo -- you know, the wood carver.

The unique statues located around town are gifts to the people of Boquete. His first carving is located near Cafe Ruiz. Each statue is Chalo's inspiration and has its own story.

Chalo and his son David offer art/carving tours telling how they locate wood, often along rivers and roadways, but never involve the cutting down of trees, and proceed to make these monuments.


2015-11-21 10.48.13.jpg

Chalo describing some of his inspiration based on the shapes in the wood that he is working with.



2015-11-21 11.45.17.jpg

Chalo's first monument, which is across the street from Cafe Ruiz.



2015-11-21 11.30.30.jpg

Chalo's business card, showing his company logo and contact information.

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I want to add my comments about this "open discussion" by Chalo. It was fascinating to me to sit there in the small audience at the library yesterday and listen to Chalo and his son, David. At times it was bordering on spiritual. I thought the interaction was priceless and felt that the third floor room should have been packed full. But alas. Maybe it was because few people knew of the event.

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