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Tourism in Panama (and Central America) - Activity Levels, Promotion / Marketing, Growth Rates, etc.

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Environmental study for  Panama city beaches to boost tourism


Panama City beach, a peak into the future

Posted 20/11/2019

An  environmental impact study (EIA, for the Panama Bay beaches recovery project which is intended to dramatically change the  sea frontage of Bella Vista  and Calidonia and boost city  tourism  by 2022  will be handled  by the Louis Berger Lac S. company

The Mayor's Office of Panama, chaired by José Luis Fábrega, on November 14  awarded a contract for the best value tender of $120,376. The reference price was $133,750

The other company that presented, Corporación de Desarrollo Ambiental, SA (Codesa), had offered $132,758.27.

Louis Berger obtained 85 points from the evaluation committee. Meanwhile, Codesa earned 74.27 points. 

Being a category 3 EIA, public consultation is required.

Fábrega has said that the project aims to recover the beaches of Calidonia and Bella Vista as an attraction for local and foreign tourism.

The project will have an extension of 1.8 kilometers and an investment of $120 million. According to the mayor, he is expected to be ready in 2022.



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Panama: Tourism to Grow 10% by 2020

The Panamanian government's optimistic projections are based on the publicity that finally began this year at the international level, with the injection of $20 million into the Tourism Promotion Fund.

Thursday, December 19, 2019

The campaign to promote Panama as a tourist destination in the main international markets began in November of this year and will be active for eight months.

The business tourism sector expects in the coming year to begin to see an upturn in activity, which has been depressed for the last 4 years. According to estimates by the Tourism Authority, in 2020 a similar flow of tourists could arrive to the country as in 2018, when 2.4 million tourists were registered.

Prensa.com review that "... Among the agreements that are already being implemented or will come into effect in the coming weeks, is the agreement that the Fund signed with the German operator TUI, which will be valid for 2 years. The Fund will allocate $50,000 each year in combined promotion with the European operator and it is estimated that this relationship will translate into more than a thousand tourists arriving in Panama next year."

Liriola Pittí, Executive Director of the International Promotion Fund, explained to Prensa.com that "... Agreements have also been reached to bring charter flights from Colombia, Ecuador, Canada and Costa Rica". She added that "... The number of tourists that would arrive in the country, as a result of these charter flights, was calculated at 85% occupancy in the aircraft, so the final numbers could be higher."


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Panama: Tourist Arrivals Begin to Fall in 2020

During the first month of the year, 215,607 visitors arrived to the country, a figure that is 18% less than the one reported for the same period in 2019.

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

The General Comptroller of the Republic reported that between January 2019 and the same month of 2020 48,696 tourists arrived to the country less, from 264,303 to 215,607 visitors. The report states that in the case of cruise ship passengers, the number increased by 130%, from 10,822 to 24,868.

You may be interested in "Tourism and Travel: Consumer Interests and Preferences"

Reviewing the entry of tourists, according to the port of entry, the report states that 154,140 tourists entered through the Tocumen International Airport and in Paso Canoas the figure rose to 17,009.

In the case of the ports of Balboa and Cristobal the number of visitors who entered during January was 505, and in the other ports the figure rose to 19,085.



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