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Last April, I hired a lady who arranges for repairs to be made at your house.  She can arrange for maids, plumbers, roofers, etc.   She hired a company to replace the roof at my house but it started leaking with the first rain.  I emailed and called the lady who arranged for the roof replacement repeatedly but she would not return my calls or even come see the extensive leaks. I sent her photos of the water damage via whatsapp but she would not do anything.  I will never use her again and would not recommend that anyone hire a "go between".  It is better to deal directly with the company who will be performing the work.

I finally hired someone else to repair the roof.  He sealed the roof and painted it with silicone paint.

All was good until these heavy rains we have had the last week.  Now my roof is leaking again.  I've had the person who fixed the roof before out three times but he can't find any cracks or places where the water could possibly be coming from.

Do you have any recommendations of a professional roofing company who could fix these leaks?

It is unfortunate that I paid 1000s of dollars a year ago to get the roof replaced but it leaks and the person who I hired to do the job will not fix it.   I may need to replace the roof to solve the problem

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I don't know who you hired as a go-between, but I have found that facilitators usually know who the best providers are and get more business by satisfying their clients. I've found them to be far superior to directly hiring a service person that you don't know and know nothing about (as you discovered when you subsequently hired a roofer on your own). It's unfair to condemn everyone in the facilitation business. Too bad we don't know the name of the person you dealt with.

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The facilitator I hired was paid $4,000 to put a roof on my house.  When it started leaking, she would not come look at it, would not even attempt to get the roofers to come take a look, and she would not return my calls or emails, and would not take responsibility for getting the roof repaired.

The same facilitator was hired to get a survey and get it recorded for some land I purchased.  But the survey could not be recorded because the Panama government said it has a lot of problems.  I tried to call this same facilitator to get the survey company out to fix the errors in the survey but she would not return my calls or reply to my emails.  Another $1000 lost.  Later, I hired another survey company to do a whole new survey which was easily recorded.  The price was less than HALF what I paid the facilitator.

I hired the facilitator to do these jobs at about the same time, not knowing there would be serious problems with both projects and that she would not fix or take responsibility for either.

Maybe there are some good facilitators but the one I used was absolutely terrible!  She has been doing this in Boquete for many many years. 

If you're in business but won't stand behind the work you do and won't even reply to customer problems, then you should not be in business.



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