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Reserve October 14th for ACCB's Oktoberfest at the Boquete Feria Grounds

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ACCB (Asociación de Caridad de La Comunidad de Boquete*) is sponsoring an Oktoberfest at the Boquete Feria Grounds on Saturday, October 14th, 2017. 

Oktoberfest means that you will enjoy music, dancing, German food, beer, etc. A major fun time. Join in the festivities with your friends and neighbors.

Mark your calendars so you don't miss this special time at the Boquete Feria Grounds, which is located across the Feria bridge in Boquete.

This ACCB event is a fundraiser. All proceeds go to our area's first responders (police, fire, etc.) and community members with special needs.

Watch for more details in various community media.

To contact the organizers, email jhartpi@hotmail.com


[*ACCB is an association in formation.]

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I've never heard of an "association" in Panama. SAs and foundations, yes, but associations, no. Or are you just being a bit loose with terminology?

Can you elaborate a bit more on the structure and advantages of an association. Are there tax advantages for me if I were to contribute/donate?

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Bud, thanks for getting the word out on Oktoberfest. Just want to let you know that this is a joint venture between ACCB and Club Rotario de Boquete. Plans are evolving, but currently we plan to hold the festival from noon to midnight on Saturday, October 14 with 3-4 top quality local bands and plenty of beer, spirits and food from top restaurants. As you stated, this is a fundraiser with all profits to be shared between the two clubs to be used for community service projects in the greater Boquete area.



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