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      Software Upgrade and Possible "Profile Update Needed" Notification   07/23/2017

      The software that drives our Chiriqui.Life website underwent an upgrade earlier this afternoon. This upgrade includes several functionality enhancements that are being scheduled for roll-out in the future. Additionally, there are some cosmetic changes that may become apparent to our regular CL members. For instance, you may now see more details about who and why someone "liked" something that you have posted. One undesired side effect of this software upgrade is that some CL members may see a message when first logging onto CL to the effect that their profile is only partially complete, and that it needs to be completed. Here is one version of that dialogue -- note the part that is highlighted in read. There are two ways to get rid of this dialog. One is to complete your profile, which basically means to provide information in the text box that is "About Me". The other method is to click on the "Dismiss" link, which is not prominently displayed but visible in the upper right area of the message that is highlighted in red. Either method will work. We regret if this is an inconvenience, but it is something over which we have no control.   To provide general feedback or ask for help regarding Chiriqui.Life, please leave a posting in Problems, Feedback and Suggestions or email support@chiriqui.life or private message to @Admin_01.  
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      Enhanced Reputation ("Like" and "Dislike") Functionality Here on CL   07/24/2017

      With the recent software upgrade, CL now has a slightly enhanced and more descriptive "reputation" functionality. The reputation is what CL members can click in the lower right corner of each posting (forums, blogs, calendar events, etc.) to indicate their "like' or "dislike" of that posting. This functionality, previously known as a member's "reputation", has been enhanced and is now known as a member's "reaction". Instead of having only two choices ("like" or "dislike", represented by a +1 or -1), there now are seven different "reactions" that a member can express, including the simple "Like" and "Dislike". As was the case previously with reputations, Administrators of this website cannot be given reputation/reaction, however Moderators can, just as all regular members can. Here in graphic form is the complete list of options in word and emoji form, along with the associated numeric value: The "Like" and the "Upvote" and the "Downvote" are essentially the same as the prior "like" and "dislike" reputation. Those are similar to what is available on some of the larger social media, such as Facebook. As in the past with reputation, the use of reactions is optional. Reputations (now "reactions") are not favored by everyone. Prior feedback indicates approximately 30% of CL's members prefer that "reputation" [and now "reactions"] be disabled. However, the majority of CL's members prefer having the ability to indicate their "like" or "dislike" of a posting. The new, enhanced functionality means simply that CL members have more granularity as to what they can indicate to the viewers. If anyone would like to see additional "reactions", please contact CL management, and include a short discussion of what you would like to see and perhaps an emoji to suggest that reaction. Two new reactions that have already been suggested are "I agree" and "I disagree", which might be expressed respectively with green check mark (or thumbs up) and red X-mark (or thumbs down) style emoji. The reactions functionality is currently configured to display who expressed that reaction. If there is sufficient feedback, we can hide the member's Display Name, and show only the cumulative reactions.           To provide general feedback or ask for help regarding Chiriqui.Life, please leave a posting in Problems, Feedback and Suggestions or email support@chiriqui.life or private message to @Admin_01.  
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Keith Woolford

Samsung Awards Creativity at a Chiriqui school with 'Smart Classroom' Technology

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Keith Woolford    297

Samsung Awards Creativity at a Chiriqui school with 'Smart Classroom' Technology


Samsung presented the Technical Vocational Institute Abel Tapiero Miranda in Chiriqui, with a Smart Classroom School, as a first place prize among the 300 young people who attended the call for participation at the national level in the competition called "Solutions for the Future".

This contest encouraged students of public schools in Latin America to improve their logical reasoning and the ability to solve community problems through the application of mathematics and the sciences they are learning in their schools.

Students Roy González, Meyli Atencio, Arelis Caves, and Héctor Lange, next to his mentor Professor Eric Castle of the IPT Abel Tapiero Miranda of San Lorenzo in the province of Chiriqui, surprised the jury with their winning project "Combine".

The project was selected by a select jury made up of representatives of Samsung, the Ministry of Education, the Inter-American Development Bank, Unesco, the Technological University of Panama, Universidad Latina and the Municipality of Panama; It is a dual concept of harvest and filtering of water as a response to the intense problem facing shortages in Panama since 2015 and which particularly affects the educational centers of the country.

The students raised to create a system to collect rain water and of the dew which would help to obtain water. Finally proposed the implementation of a filter to purify the water so that it could be used for human consumption.

"Our goal is to generate awareness and interest in technology, engineering, mathematics and science in general, as well as give teachers and students the resources necessary to succeed in this field," said Nicole Orillac, Manager of Corporate Citizenship of Samsung Electronics in Latin America.

The classroom delivered to the educational center features the latest Samsung technology products, interconnected to create an interactive environment of teaching and learning that includes tablets, Smart TV, Security Licenses Samsung Knox, reverse cycle air conditioning and furniture, among others, in its entirety, donated by the company leader in technology, as well as a program of accompaniment during the first half of starting its operation under the framework of a new convention with the Ministry of Education of Panama.

Samsung Electronics has a commitment to improve the quality of life for people supporting education in public schools through technology. Seeks to improve the learning process of the students enrolled in public schools through new technologies and equipment, and make the educational environment more intuitive, interactive and efficient.


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