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Environment Minister resigns

Mirei Endara

PANAMA’S Environment Minister Mirei Endara announced her resignation, minutes after signing   two decrees to help drive tourism in the Volcan Barú  district.

She said that her departure is due to personal reasons.

President Juan Carlos Varela, thanked her for the work developed during his administration and said “she leaves March 31 when you will understand the reasons”

Varela said that Mirei Endara “does not leave the government because she will continue to help” as advisor ad honorem on “water issues and will work closely with the minister in charge and with the Water Council “.

The current deputy minister of Environment is Emilio Sempris, who will serve as Minister in charge.



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Note in the above posting the reference to the Environment Minister having signed two decrees just prior to submitting her resignation. See the below link for more information about one of those two decrees:


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