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Jaime Daniel

Secret to Success of a Forum

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While reviewing the oft repeated, but false claim that Lee banned more members than Ambreen, I re-read this post from Lee which I believe has the clue to running a forum.  And yes, Ambreen, free speech is indeed a key to that.

Panama does not have a free press. in fact it is less free now than in the past. According to Reporters without Borders, Panama ranks 81 out of 178 nations, way below Costa Rica at 29, bracketed between Albania and Zambia, just a bit above Nicaragua at 83. 
This website is hosted in the US, number 20 on the same list and I am a US citizen. Still I and many others who contribute to this website live in Panama and we are subject to the laws of Panama, all of them. 
Twice,  I have threatened with slander or more correctly libel suits using Panama's rather draconian laws. Once for exposing Computer Protective Services and Fredrick Allen Osburn and  more recently for expressing my opinion about a Tuesday Morning Meeting topic.
Threats inhibit free speech. Threats discourage people from interacting or expressing their opinions. The goal of this website is a free exchange of information which includes opinions; mine and yours.
I cannot prevent anyone from filing a lawsuit, but I will ban and delete all content from anyone who, in the future uses this forum to make a threat, legal or not,  against any user on this website.
The past is the past and cannot be altered but the future will lack threats here.  If you think you are libeled, hire a lawyer, but don't threaten people on this website. 


Boquete.ning is now a lost cause.  I do not believe the forum was ever high on the list of the websites that JLM Foundation bought.  I guessed that the new ning might last until Independence Day but certainly they can not make it to Christmas on their present course of conduct. 

Adios Boquete.ning, bien venidos Chiriqui.Life.



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