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Odebrecht Corruption and Fraud Investigations / Prosecutions

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[Unsolocited] Moderator comment: sounds like the stage is being set to get immunity from prosecution for all of the guilty (those involved in the Odebrecht corruption and bribery scandal).



Hitch with access to bribery confessions

Rodrigo Janot

IF PANAMA doesn’t grant immunity to Odebrecht and its former employees, it likely won’t have access to confessions naming those involved locally in the mega  bribery scandal.

 Rodrigo Janot, attorney general of Brazil, has asked the Federal Supreme Court to maintain the confidentiality of all the evidence contained in the agreement signed with Odebrecht.

This was revealed Monday  in a circular letter to the heads of public ministries and prosecutors of the countries interested in receiving cooperation in cases brought against Odebrecht, including Panama.

Janot justifies his decision by  the fact that, on June 1, if the confidentiality of the evidence is lifted, investigations by several countries could be prejudiced.

Janot has refused to share information with countries that have not extended immunity to Odebrecht officials who testified in Brazil. Panama has not been able to offer immunity because its laws dictate that plea bargains can only be reached after a person has admitted guilt.

On Monday, Domincan Republic prosecutors charged more than a dozen people in the case based on statements made by company officials. The government of that country extended immunity to both Odebrecht and its former employees.



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Attorney General asks judiciary to get cracking

Call for judicial action

PANAMA’S Attorney General Kenia Porcell has tried to light a fire under  the judiciary and banks to enable prosecutors to move forward with  investigations  into 36 suspects in the Odebrecht  bribery scandal.

At a Wednesday, May 31 press conference she  called  on the judiciary to advance the cases involving the construction company

The future of the investigations depends on the Judicial Branch’s action, which to date involves 36 people: 22 Panamanians, 13 Brazilians and 1 American.

“It is important that these actions be resolved so that the Public Prosecutor’s Office can continue with its investigations,” Porcell said.

She was accompanied by Rolando Rodríguez and David Díaz, secretary and deputy secretary, respectively, of

the Attorney General’s Office.

Porcell said there are two constitutional guarantees and six habeas corpus petitions that are  before the courts and are unresolved.” She said.

“I simply ask that every institution follows the law and assumes its role.”

She also  demanded that banking entities attend “as soon as possible” the requests for information that are part of the investigation.

“Those who committed a crime of corruption or money laundering knows what they did,” she warned.

So far, $56 million has been apprehended: $22 million in accounts in Switzerland, $12.8 million in Andorra and $13.9 million in local banks, as well as $8 million in property that includes a helicopter and an apartment in Madrid. The last two are assets seized from brothers Ricardo Alberto and Luis Enrique  Martinelli  Linares, the two sons  of former  president Ricardo Martinelli, reports La Prensa.

Porcell reported that the investigations cover Odebrecht contracts awarded in the last three presidential administrations. Some of the works have already been audited by the Comptroller General, showing hundreds of millions in cost overruns .



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Keith Woolford    302
On 5/31/2017 at 11:39 AM, Moderator_02 said:

[Unsolocited] Moderator comment: sounds like the stage is being set to get immunity from prosecution for all of the guilty (those involved in the Odebrecht corruption and bribery scandal).

The way I understand it, the immunity from prosecution in this case only involves whistle-blowing Odebrecht employees and contacts, not the beneficiaries of the graft here in Panama and other countries.

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Odebrecht, feted  in Panama, paid $3.3 billion in bribes

Marcelo Odebrecht

ODEBRECHT  will end up paying a fine of $2.6 billion  after   its dirty tricks department  paid $3.3 billion in bribes over 9 years,  with Panama a major player in awarding contracts totaling billions, to the Brazilian Company.

The department  that handled the distribution  of bribes was called the Structured Operations Sector, and Panama banks played a key role in funneling money to other countries.

The massive sum was revealed by the second-in-command of that department, Hilberto Mascarenhas da Silva, in a statement to prosecutors.


Marcelo Odebrecht was arrested in June, 2015

The executive was invited by Marcelo Odebrecht to create and organize the Structured Operations Sector under strict security parameters that Marcelo Odebrecht himself ended up violating.

The former head of the company bearing his name was feted  by ruling administrations during his visits to Panama.

The discovery of this sector of the company ­ once thought to be located in Panama ­ was key to compelling the company to reach a plea bargain with authorities in the U.S., Brazil and Switzerland.



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Panama law firm in Odebrecht bribery probe

Jorge Alberto Rosas

THE PUBLIC MINISTRY  is investigating a prominent  Panama law firm which in the last half of 2010, received more than $2 million from a company related to the Odebrecht construction company.

Panamenista Deputy Jorge Alberto Rosas is a partner of the firm Rosas & Rosas.

Anticorruption prosecutors have asked for an extension to the deadline for investigation in the case because of its complexity.

There are 10 payments that were made to the accounts of the law firm which executives of Odebrecht have not been able to explain reports La Prensa. The money deposited in Rosas & Rosas accounts came from Constructora Internacional del Sur, used by Odebrecht to pay bribes to local and foreign politicians.

On the same dates, Constructora Internacional del Sur made deposits to a company linked to Ricardo Alberto Martinelli Linares and Luis Enrique Martinelli Linares, sons  of former president Ricardo Martinelli.

The sons are both on an Interpol red alert list. Their father is in a Miami detention center awaiting an extradition hearing.



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Former Panama minister got $4 million bribe – witness

Jimmy Papadimitriu

A FORMER Minister of the Presidency during the Martinelli  administration  is the latest high profile character to be fingered  in the Odebrecht bribery scandal.

Demetrius “Jimmy” Papadimitriu, previously  believed to be “outside the corruption plot” according to La Prensa,

has been named  in testimonies in Brazil  of Luiz Antonio Mameri, formerly  executive in charge of Odebrecht in

Latin America and Angola.

According to Mameri, he personally approved the payment of about $4 million to Papadimitriu after a request from Odbrecht’s Panama director, André Campos Rabello.

The testimonies were made to  prosecutors in Brazil investigating the Lavo Jato btibery scandal.

The testimony of Mameri coincides with confessions of  another Odebrecht executive, Luiz Eduardo Soares, who worked in the Operations Sector to pay bribes outside of Brazil.

The  informant  has confessed that payments were made to one of the children of former President Ricardo Martinelli, through foreign companies and banks.

“Soares reported that payments were also made  that benefited a minister of state,” revealed Brazilian newspaper Estado de S. Paulo, at the end of December last year.

La Prensa contacted  former Minister Papadimitriu, who  “categorically denied” having received a penny  from Odebrecht.



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9 Odebrecht linked habeas corpus moves rejected


NINE HABEAS CORPUS motions on behalf of members of the family and close associates  of ex-president Ricardo Martinelli  have  been rejected by  Panamas Supreme Court (CSJ)


Fugitive sons of Ricardo Martinelli

The Supreme Court of Justice (CSJ) declared non-viable, habeas corpus remedies presented in favor of his sons Ricardo Alberto and Luis Enrique Martinelli Linares and his brother Mario Martinelli Berrocal  in the process for the alleged commission of the crime of money laundering, through Swiss banks.

The thumbs down also hits  the ex-minister of Public Works Federico José Suárez and his sister Ana Isabel Suárez; The former president of the board of the state savings bank, Caja de Ahorros  (CA) Riccardo Francolini; The former director Of the Social Security Fund (CSS) Guillermo Sáez Llorens and Evelyn Vargas Reynaga and Nitzela Bonilla, lawyers of the Martinelli family.

Questioning  of all by public prosecutors will continue, but  the whereabouts of the Martinelli sons  are unknown. and the Public Prosecutor has already asked Interpol for help in finding both.

Meanwhile  bank account with $22 million has been seized in Switzerland, along with an apartment in Spain and a helicopter in Mexico.



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Independence of Panama AG office stressed


ROLANDO RODRÍGUEZ, Secretary General of Panama’s Attorney General’s Office,   defended its independence while handling investigations related  to bribes paid by Odebrecht in Panama.

Speaking on the Channel 4 Face to Face program on Sunday July 22, Rodríguez said that the country’s attorney general, Kenia Porcell, is an “independent”, as is her entire team of prosecutors.

Each public prosecutor is independent and has freedom of action in the decisions they adopt in accordance with the Constitution and the law, he said.

Rodríguez said that those who have spoken about alleged partiality in the case are the detractors of the Public Ministry and the current administration.

“These cases have had a high political impact, not because we are politicians but because of who is linked to the investigations  “which obviously has a political effect in the country, he said.

He also clarified that Prosecutor Porcell “cannot disclose the name of any person linked as author or participant in the commission of a criminal act. It’s a basic Constitutional right that guarantees the presumption of innocence “.

He commented that it would be in a problem when the Public Prosecutor’s Office (MP) identifies  some person

Other than a duly recognized delinquent who is being  sought by authorities.

“That’s why the MP has never given names or data of people linked to investigations” he said.



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Judge extends bribery probe investigation time


A PANAMA JUDGE has given organized crime prosecutors more time to continue their investigations Into the Odebrecht bribery scandal.

12th Criminal Court Judge Óscar  said Carrasquilla investigators have revealed the presence of “a possible  organized criminal group which has committed serious crimes, such as money laundering, and against the public administration,” said the judge, in complying with a request from the Anti-corruption prosecutors Download to extend the summary research

On June 6, the prosecution requested more time for the complex investigation. Judge Carrasquilla, in a July 13 judgment of   acceded to the petition.

The investigation includes Panamanian and foreign officials and individuals, who received funds from Odebrecht.

However, the judge warned that, at the time of ordering the preventive arrest of a person, the prosecution will have two months to complete the investigation and refer its prosecution to the Judicial Branch.

According to the investigation, it was possible to observe transactions originating from different

companies of Odebrecht to Constructora Internacional del Sur, for the sum of $50 million , “money that was transferred to three of the five Panamanian companies responsible for paying bribes through Swiss banks and other countries. ”

The prosecutionsaid  that it is in the presence of an organized crime  group  composed of more than three persons, “who have acted for several years, since this has been demonstrated by the relationship between themselves. ”

“It is an organization that has been operating since 2009,[the year the previous administration took office] in which its members have in the implementation, and coordination of crimes  created and used offshore societies to conceal the money, through the bank accounts they kept in different countries of the world,”the prosecution alleges in its petition.

In this case, Ricardo Alberto and Luis Enrique Martinelli Linares, sons of the former president  are investigated, as well as the head of the Odebrecht subsidiary in Panama, André Campos Rabello, and former directors of Petrobas.



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