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I think continuing news of Marion Clamp, or at least a link to Chiriqui Chatter updates, plus requests for donations (if still needed) should be posted somewhere, but I can't figure out where it goes.  I think Misc. is too broad.

It seems to me the admins spend a lot of time moving posts around to the appropriate topics.  I'm wondering if this is worth the time and trouble.  Personally, I rarely look at the topics to find things.  I go to New Content or Activity Stream.  The topics are useful if I'm looking for something specific, so I wouldn't suggest ending them.  I just hate to see you spending so much time moving things around.  Maybe just move the obvious things, like putting For Sale items in the Buy/Sell topic.

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Good suggestion, and there is a forum for exactly what you are wanting to do. Within the third major category of forums is one labeled Donations / Fundraising. Registered members are invited to use that forum to help Marion, and others based on their specific needs.

Note the description field for that forum, which is excerpted here:

"We suggest that postings be specific as to who is the intended recipient (by name and a general location of their residence), why they need help (e.g., accident, health crises, earthquake, flood, etc), what kind of help is needed (e.g., food, clothing, money, furniture, etc.), how and where to deliver the donations/funds, and who to contact in case of questions."

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