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Veylon Home Automation in David

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Croostmx    0

Hi there,

We are two German Engineers and we have been living in David since July last year. We have developed a unique system for smart home solutions which we have started to sell in August this year.

The system uses a German software and is based on a wireless communication protocol that was designed for smart home applications (Z-WAVE).

The basic principle is that different devices and sensors are connected together (wirelessly) and controlled by a little computer.
The computer is connected to the internet and backed up in a data center in Germany that we work with.
This way we can provide very high reliability and we can offer full access to the system from any place in the world (given the availability of internet - Browser or mobile app).

Here are some examples of what can be realized with our system:

- Remote access

You can access all the functions from remote (either with an internet browser or by using our mobile app).
You can see what's happening inside your house and control whatever you want.
Also you will get push-notifications on your phone if you wish, and the system can send emails/sms etc. (e.g. send an Email or notification when someone is waiting at the front door)

- Controlled lights

Turn them on automatically when someone enters the room (sensor activity)
Set up a schedule (e.g. outdoor lights ON between 8pm and 5am)
Control the lights depending on the luminance (few light in the room? Light is turned on automatically)

- Intelligent Air Conditioning

Works like a thermostat - you set up a desired temperature and the AC is regulated accordingly to reach that temperature - This saves a lot of energy as well
Turn the AC on before you get home

- Intelligent Autopilot

The system can mimic your behavior when you're not at home (turn lights and devices on and off to pretend your presence)

- Alarm system

Our sensors are very reliable, we have tested them for a long time and we only use the ones that work the best in Panama.
We also provide outdoor sensors (most alarm systems in Panama only warn you when someone is already INSIDE the house)
You can use available devices and sensors for it, too. For example you can use the sensor that you have for lightning control as an indoor sensor for the alarm system.

Those are just some examples. There are thousands of different available products that can connect to our system, so the flexibility and individuality is virtually unlimited.

If you're interested, just let us know.
We can give you more information or start with your project right away.
We will visit your house personally and consult you.

So far we have only seen very happy faces from our clients. It's exciting to enhance a house like that, and to just make more out of it.

Contact us!



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