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En Bocas del Toro cae exfiscal con 128 paquetes de droga

Leysi Cano

Exfiscal de Descarga en Bocas del Toro fue aprehendido por unidades de la Policía Nacional cuando transportaba 128 paquetes de presunta sustancia ilícita en un vehículo.  


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<<bocas drugs.jpg>>
In Bocas del Toro ex-prosecutor falls with 128 packages of drugs

Leysi Cano • Apr 21, 2020 - 08:30 PM

Former Unloading Prosecutor in Bocas del Toro was apprehended by units of the National Police while transporting 128 packages of alleged illicit substance in a vehicle.



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Detienen a cuatro extranjeros con 1,425 paquetes de presuntas sustancias ilícitas

El subcomisionado Félix Kirven indicó que hasta el momento han sacado de circulación 19,525 paquetes de sustancias ilícitas

Por Rayshel Flores

El SENAN intercepta embarcación con 1,425 paquetes de presuntas sustancias ilícitas.Cedida

Unidades del Servicio Nacional Aeronaval (SENAN) interceptan una embarcación que transportaba 57 bultos con 1,425 paquetes de presuntas sustancias ilícitas en la Comarca Guna Yala.

Por este hecho, se aprehendieron a tres sujetos de nacionalidad colombiana y un hondureño que estaban a bordo de la nave. Los detenidos serán puestos a órdenes de la Juez de Garantías para legalizar su aprehensión y la respectiva imputación de cargos. 

Según informes del SENAN, los hechos se desarrollaron al norte de la Isla Tigre, comarca Guna Yala. El personal de la institución ubicó la embarcación y al momento que los tripulantes se percatan de la presencia de las autoridades proceden arrojar algunos bultos y tratan de darse a la fuga.

Los paquetes decomisados serán sometidos a los análisis pertinentes para determinar el tipo de droga encontrada en lo bultos.

El subcomisionado, Félix Kirven indicó que durante el periodo transcurrido de este año 2020 el SENAN ha realizado 25 operaciones antinarcóticos logrando sacar de circulación 19,525 paquetes de sustancias ilícitas.




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Four foreigners detained with 1,425 packages of alleged illicit substances

Deputy Commissioner Félix Kirven indicated that 19,525 packages of illicit substances have been removed from circulation so far

By Rayshel Flores
Updated 04/26/2020 13:35

SENAN intercepts a vessel with 1,425 packages of suspected illicit substances.

Units of the National Naval Air Service (SENAN) intercept a vessel carrying 57 packages with 1,425 packages of alleged illicit substances in the Guna Yala region.

For this fact, three subjects of Colombian nationality and one Honduran who were on board the ship were apprehended. The detainees will be placed under the orders of the Judge of Guarantees to legalize their apprehension and the respective charges.

According to SENAN reports, the events took place in the north of Isla Tigre, Guna Yala region. The personnel of the institution located the boat and at the moment that the crew become aware of the presence of the authorities, they proceeded to throw some packages and try to flee.

The seized packages will be subjected to the pertinent analyzes to determine the type of drug found in the packages.

The deputy commissioner, Félix Kirven indicated that during the elapsed period of this year 2020, SENAN has carried out 25 anti-drug operations, managing to remove 19,525 packages of illicit substances from circulation.



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Narcos pelean el control de las rutas; hay ola de muertes

14 may 2020 - 12:00 AM


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Multiple executions bring drug war slaughter to 186


Posted 14/05/2020

Jaime Leslie Chamber Barahona, 38, Jesús Leslie Chamber Barahona, 29, and Alanis Massiel Mendoza Carvajal, 19,  who was pregnant were shot and killed in their home in  Tres Quebradas, Los Santos on  Monday night May 11  the latest in a wave of over a dozen assassinations in 24 hours as gangs fight for control of the narco traffic trade routes in Panama. The t slaughter brought the total of gang-related homicides this year  to 186

Judicial authorities believe that the killings are linked to the  “Los Gallegos” anti-drug operation, earlier in the year in which some fifteen people were arrested and a  fleet of luxury cars, cash, and other properties seized.

Hours earlier, four members of a gang were executed on the road to the port of Vacamonte, in the Arraiján district. An AK-47 and a 9 mm pistol with registration number erased were found at the crime scene.

The multiple murder was carried out three hours after Elizalde Alberto Viruet Coindet on the National Police most-wanted list was assassinated, in a luxury residence in Panama city. Two women received bullet wounds.

On Tuesday afternoon in, Vacamonte, three men and two women, apparently linked to a massacre in Chumical were arrested

At about 3:15 p.m. on Tuesday the war between rival gangs in Barraza and Santa Ana left two people dead.

In Barraza the victim was identified as Manuel Enrique Garay Pérez aka 'El Zurdo', who was shot from a car by unknown persons. He was taken to the emergency department of Santo Tomás, where he died.

Later, at 4:23 in the afternoon, in the sector of Plaza Amador, Santa Ana, Edgardo Henry (a) 'Enanito', 32, was shot to death.

He was taken to the Santo Tomás hospital with wounds to the abdomen and back, where he died. He lived in Torrijos-Carter.

On Calle 21, Pueblo Nuevo, a man was also attacked, who died in the San Miguel Arcángel Hospital. Another person was wounded in the attack


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Latest haul brings Senan  drug seizures to over 21 tons


Posted 28/05/2020

Three Colombian narco-traffickers were  arrested and 1,055 kilos of cocaine seized in a joint operation between the National Naval Air Service (Senan), and the United States Coast Guard on Wednesday, May 27.

The drugs were being transported in a boat about 30 nautical miles from Isla Grande, in the Colon province.

Figures from the Senan reveal that until April, 21.4 tons of drugs had been seized.



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