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Growing Pomegranates in Panama 

Some considerations regarding growing anything in Panama would be chill hours, length of day,  soil Ph, and rainfall.
Dan McLean, University of Georgia, states,  “The majority of pomegranate varieties do not require winter chill hours, with the exception of a few cold- hardy cultivars. “
They require at least 6 hours of full sun each day and prefer a slightly alkaline, well drained soil.  
These delicious fruits probably originated in Iran, and grow well in a Mediterranean climate.  So to grow them here,  one would need to add some calcium to the soil and       probably add some sand to good black soil to ensure good drainage.  There are two reports of people in the Boquete area who are growing at least one plant each and the trees are fruiting.
Pomegranates have especially good health benefits including protection against cancer, heart disease and diabetes.  They contain punicalagins, found in the fruit skin, and   punicic acid, found in the arials.  These are the unique substances that are responsible for most of their health benefits.   

It takes from one to three years to get fruit.  GrayRiver Farms is giving growing them a try.  So, if you have questions about our progress, email us and we will share our progress.  
Grayriverfarms @yahoo.com










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