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Veterinary List plus Animal Care Resource Information

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In a similar vein to Mary Lynah's [human] healthcare resource listing (see http://www.chiriqui.life/topic/1743-health-care-resources-mary-lynahs-resource-list-march-2016/), the management of CL are wanting to create and provide a listing of healthcare and related resources for pets. Such a listing would be posted here on CL and include information such as:

  • Veterinarians
  • Medical supplies for animals
  • Boarding facilities
  • Dog obedience training
  • Pet sitting offerings
  • Food
  • Pet related community groups and clubs (e.g., Animales, ARF, etc.)

The CL management will compile and publish this information for the benefit of CL members. Be sure to include:

  1. name of the resource
  2. location (municipality at a minimum)
  3. contact data (phone, email, etc.)
  4. language(s) spoken
  5. what services or products are provided
  6. hours of operation
  7. other notes or information that may be relevant

If you would like to provide information to be included on this new community resource listing, please provide that information to us. We prefer that you email your resource suggestion to a special email address that has been established -- petvet@chiriqui.life.

Please do NOT respond to this posting with your resource suggestions. Reply here only if you have questions/comments about this 'petvet' project.

Thanks for your help and support.
CL Management (Marcelyn and Bud)

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1 hour ago, TwoSailors said:

This is Great!!! Thank you.

De nada. We already have received some resource information, but could use a LOT more. Let's hope the community supports this project.

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