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Bill Uhlman

rainy season trip

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17 hours ago, Bill Uhlman said:

Thanks for all your comments. We are looking forward to our rainy season trip. While we are more cautious than many of you,I have to admit that i admire those of you who just jumped into your dream.  But we will probably take the advice of many of you and keep dipping our toes in a little deeper each visit until retirement, and then make a 3 to six month trial stay before deciding if purchasing is right for us.

Probably a good idea.    Talk to a lot of different folks who've been here awhile.  There is such a wonderful diversity of settlers here I have no doubt you will find your niche as well a location that suits you. 

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On 12/05/2016 at 5:56 PM, JohnF13 said:

Well, we are a bit " different" .  As police and military background people we don't much care about " community" we can happily make our own.  We don't like people much, having seen close up what they can do to each other.  We don't ask much, mostly to be just left alone and quite frankly, find the " Boquete" experience to be a tad too much.  We don't need sugar and spice, nor do we need the " Tuesday experience" .  Those that do, go for it, but have you really left your home place?


Judgemental much?

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