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Everyone loves a success story. Casa Decor Boquete is happy to announce a successful move to a new location on Volcancito Road where the Casa Colonial Pottery & Wine store was located. Great looking space, more of a "casa" feel for all the beautiful consigned home decor and furnishings. Great looking art display, a space for the custom Kitchen Cabinets and custom Closets to shine. A shade tree filled entry offers a lovely setting to view the distant mountains, handsome foliage and typical Boquete beauty beyond the fenced area outside the store.

Casa Decor Boquete will re-open soon, stay tuned. This unique business has served the area for a year in May. The owners, John and Patsi Phillips, want all the consignees, customers, vendors, and friends to know that it is because of the loyalty you have shown this store is still here. A growing success.DSCN6236.JPGDSCN6237.JPGDSCN6238.JPG

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