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Gordon Bakke

How Many People Are Left To Get Banned On The .ning?

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I'm not comfortable with the constant monitoring of my posts and the chastising (twice now) by Admin.


It is our job as owners and management of this website to review everything on an ongoing basis. When something is posted that violates our Governance Documents then we have to take action. When something is posted about how this website functions that is misleading or incorrect then we have to take action. It is about protecting the reputation and integrity of this website. That is part of our responsibilities. We do that impartially. Other members have experienced some gentle, helpful feedback as well. You are not the only one.

We are attempting to help everyone use this website to their benefit. I am just doing my job. If you have more questions or comments, please let us know.

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If these messages are "personal", why is this discussion in public?  Seems to me all Bud did was to correct a misconception.

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