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IOGear 2.4GHz Wireless Compact Keyboard with Optical Trackball and Scroll Wheel

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1335741687_IOGear.jpg.299171c62db2de3e12632aa1cfc1038f.jpgModel GKM681R Black USB RF Wireless.  This mini keyboard is only about 10" long. IOGEAR’s innovative new 2.4GHz Wireless Compact Keyboard with Optical Trackball and Scroll Wheel gives you the comfort and freedom of up to 33 feet of wireless connectivity between you and your videos, photos, movies and online content. The ergonomicdesign enhances the user experience by making the way you type, navigate and interact with your content easier and more natural. It serves as an ideal productivity solution for PC to TV setups, as well as interaction with game consoles accessibility to multimedia andonline content; driving your content how you want it and when you want it from the comfort of your couch.

Available new on the internet for $40.99 plus shipping. The Boquete Handicap Foundation has tested this donated keyboard and will unconditionally guarantee it for 60 days. Priced to sell quickly for $22. Email Penny at pjbarrett@aol.com or text WhatsAp 6510-8934.

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