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3 adults and child seriously burned in apartment explosion

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3 adults and child seriously burned  in apartment explosion


Posted 08/07/2020

 Three adults and a four-year-old boy were hospitalized with first and second and degree burns on 60%  of their body after an explosion in an apartment building in Río Abajo, Panama City on  Wednesday morning, July 8.

The explosion was in the kitchen area in  Apt 10A on the top floor in Tower A in the Mystic Tower complex. The building was evacuated by the Fire Department which is investigating the cause of the explosion and has specialized personnel checking gas connections that are  supposed to be tightened every three years.

The adults were taken to Santo Tomas Hospital and the child to the Hospital de Nino. A two-year old toddler was unharmed.



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Second death of apartment gas explosion dies


Emmanuel is being treated for severe burns in a Galveston Texas hpspital

Posted 28/07/2020

The  gas-leak explosion that occurred in a kitchen of an apartment  occupied by a Venezuelan family   on  the 10th floor of  the PH Mystic Tower, in Río Abajo, has claimed the life of a second victim 

María Pérez 56, who was being treated in the intensive care unit at the Santo Tomás Hospital for second-degree wounds and burns that covered 70 percent of her body died on Tuesday, July 28.

Her daughter Francy Pérez .33 was the first fatal victim of the incident. Her  8-year-old grandson Emmanuel is being treated at a specialized hospital in Galveston, United States with the support of the Shriners Abou Saad Foundation.

A two-year-old child who was in another room survived.



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