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Fly month. A personal discovery

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Tea Tree Oil in dilution.

I put a little into a dropper bottle and dilute the Tea Tree oil with water.     I add a dropper of diluted T.T. oil to my wet and dry mop water.    I have found that my allergies have greatly reduced ( pet hair?  Dust mites? dust? )

OK so today I washed windows and screens and what the hell I put some Tea Tree oil in the water...yup the window washing water !   The windows and screens came out perfect and whats more there's this fresh smell that wafts through the clean Tea Treed screens.   

BUT THE EUREKA is the flies hate the stuff.   I washed the porch and around the front door using the left over window water. . BAM..flies be gone. 

WOW....now when I open the door I get only one or two flies...  All's well 

Alison, the nurse


I get mine form Swanson's Vitamins and Supplements company...but Amazon has it.

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Thanks, because Marcelyn has been complaining about an excessively large number of flies lately. Will give this a try.

You wouldn't happen to know if it is available locally, would you? (In other words, get it going NOW, not later. 👌 )

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I've never heard of tea tree oil until Brundageba mentioned it here.  A google search reveals that it's pretty useful stuff.

This fly situation is very location specific.  In past years, I've had quite a few flies at the start of rainy season. As of right now, ....(knocks on wood...), I hardly have any.

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