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The Mid-Afternoon Heat in David, Early March

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Marcelyn and I had to go to David yesterday (Wednesday) on business and for the requisite stop at PriceSmart. We had an early lunch at home then hit the road. We had three fairly short business stops before heading toward PriceSmart, followed by three business stops after PriceSmart. It was quite warm and the a/c was much appreciated. As we started the short ride to PriceSmart, at this time about 1:30PM, the outside temperature gauge started going up. By the time we got to PriceSmart it read 44C. Wow! That’s hot. Our time in PriceSmart was only about 30 minutes, and as a side comment the warehouse was notably uncrowded, which is a rare occurrence. After leaving PriceSmart we had three more business stops. As we were heading toward stop #2 the outside temperature then read 45C. That is the highest I’ve ever seen that gauge read in my 19 years of living here. As we were heading for stop #3 the gauge went up to 46C. Broke a personal record. 46C is about 114F. Note that I am NOT saying David was 46C yesterday as many factors affect what the car’s outside temperature gauge is reading. But It was more than uncomfortably hot in David yesterday afternoon. The a/c was straining to keep us comfortable.

Upon transiting homeward in Bajo Boquete we were back to 25C. Nice. So glad I live in a place where I sleep under a blanket year round.

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