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Grave with bodies of 6 children, one adult at EL Terrón (Veraguas) exorcism site

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15 rescued from church cult after exorcism injuries

Posted 15/01/2020

At least 15 people detained by the La Luz del Mundo (Light of the World) Church were rescued by police in El Terrón de Santa Catalina, in the Ngäbe Buglé region following revelations of an exorcism ceremony which led to the hospitalization of four people.

Ten people were arrested during the rescue operation/

Earlier TVN  reported that at least 20 people were held by pastors and members of the so-called church

Residents of the community mobilized in  Río Luis in the Santa Fe district in  Veraguas province, where they denounced that La Luz del Mundo Church had people held

A father said that his wife and four children were being held.

Meanwhile, a child under 15 years of age was able to escape and showed back injuries.

The case of this Church in the region was recently known because the Valdez brothers were taken to the Luis "Chicho" Fabrega Hospital in Santiago de Veraguas, injured in a religious cult of exorcism.



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Grave with bodies of 6 children, one adult at Veraguas exorcism site

Posted 15/01/2020

A grave  containing four bodies was unearthed just hours after 15 people were freed from the clutches of a religious sect, that carried out an exorcism ritual that put three people in hospital in Veraguas   and led to the arrest of 10 members of “The new Light of God” cult

National Police, Director  Alexis Muñoz, confirmed on Wednesday, January 15, that a grave was found in the community of El Terrón, corregimiento of Santa Catalina, in the Ngäbe Buglé region, after the arrest of members of the sect that was denounced for mistreating and depriving at least 15 people of freedom.

Muñoz said that when police officers arrived in the area, information was received about the existence of a grave and they confirmed that it was true.

"Immediately this was put in the hands of the Public Ministry and the criminal technicians," said Muñoz.

He said  that all members of the sect who were arrested and those affected are indigenous



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Exorcism victims would not accept Christ


Posted 16/01/2020

The alleged religious cult killers of seven people during exorcism rites including children aged one to nine whose tortured bodies were found in a grave in El Terrón will appear in court on Friday, January 17.

The location of the bodies was revealed, after a complaint of abuse against a sect that performed religious rites and practiced exorcisms of indigenous people of the Ngäbe Buglé ethnic group.

The murders would have been carried out at night between Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 of this month, say police reports. The victims were beaten with bibles and planks, tortured and strangled according to witnesses.

A witness told TVN News  that the mother of a murdered girl told him that she did not oppose the killings because the “shepherds”  had confirmed, "that the child had not accepted Christ." The deaths and abuses would have occurred within a wide hut the “church” of the sect, according to TVN News images.

Air and Sea personnel  (Senan) rescued 14 victims, including seven minors and two pregnant women who were taken by helicopter to a hospital in Santiago.

Six people who were identified as victims of torture were part of the family of a second corporal of the National Polic,e Ananías González, according to an official note from the Ministry of Securit

The warning of the existence of the sect was given after three brothers managed to escape and reach a health center in Veraguas before being hospitalized with severe injuries

he president of the National Coordinator of Indigenous Peoples of Panama (COONAPIP), Marco Guerra, expressed dismay and sadness over the events in the Ngäbe Buglé Comarca.

"One of the problems that we have in the region is the little rigor that exists when it comes to ensuring the safety of the town when all kinds of religious groups and NGOs arrive that nobody investigates or filters the information about their true intentions and interests, affecting a people as vulnerable as ours, "he said..



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"Son of Adam and Eve" in macabre Panama murder of 7 ritual


Posted 18/01/2020

Obniel González Viro, the new “Messiah and the third son of  Adam and Eve and brother of Cain and Abel., was the figurehead of the Church of Dod cult in the El Terrón in the Ngäbe-Buglé region of Panama), that tortured murdered  7 people including a pregnant mother, and her five children in an exorcism rite.

Viro known as “Zet” and “Pastor”  Mario González Blanco, were the leaders of the sect that proclaimed: “repent or die!”

The name "Zet, is a deity of brute force, of the tumultuous, the unstoppable. Lord of chaos, the god of drought and desert in Egyptian mythology.

On Friday, January 17  in Changuinolac charged  with homicide, femicide and deprivation of liberty

During the hearing details of the events of Saturday 11 and early Sunday. Bellín Valdés Flores, 33, was taken from her home to worship.

On Saturday night the first sacrifice was a goat whose tongue was cut off  but "Zet" claimed that it was not enough.

Bellin and her five children were circled by the members of the sect. as  Jehovah "revealed," to "Zet" that the woman was a "sorceress" and had to die.

The woman six months pregnant was beaten wildly in the abdomen with sticks, machetes, and Bibles until she was killed. Her five children witnessed the performance of the pastor and his followers before they were killed.

One daughter of Bellin WQA among the group of 15 people rescued by the Police.

The judge ordered police vigilance in the Terrón area and psychiatric attention given to those involved.

Further charges could be made for vaginal sexual assault of an eight-year-old girl who was in the group of 15 survivors, who were rescued by the National Police.



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OPINION: Bloody Climax to State Abandonment

Posted 19/01/2020

The Panamanian soil has been stained with the blood of a tragedy: the horror of El Terrón, which manifests the violence unleashed in the absence of State action.

What has happened to the billions of dollars spent on the Opportunities Network, the Universal Scholarship, and other grants? In the case of the region, the killing adds to a legacy of death of children due to "natural causes" of whooping cough and tuberculosis, because they were not vaccinated;  In addition, there is the loss of lives of teachers and nurses crossing flooded rivers and a rosary of social indicators of hunger, disease and illiteracy.

Religious fanaticism could cause deaths in the region thanks to the prolonged abandonment of the State. The tragedies Panamanians endure are not acts of God, but human decisions or omissions that in a short or long chain of events, the outcome of the shedding of the blood of many innocents.

Although the effective response of the authorities and other agents of to such a tragedy must be recognized, perhaps the ceilings of lost hope or the new schools that were never built would have changed the history of this abandoned and excluded community for decades

-LA PRENSA, Jan. 19.



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No cells of a religious cult that  killed


Posted 10/02/2020

While nine members of a religious sect await trial for the murder of a pregnant woman, her five children and a 17-year-old girl of the existence of cells of a religious sect in El Terrón, in the Ngäbe Buglé region prosecutors in Bocas de Toro have ruled out, for now, the existence of cells of the cult.

Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences (Imelcf)  are at the crime scene and Public Ministry sources reported that the prosecution continues to interview people in the community of El Terrón, but so far there are no elements to suggest that there are other people involved.

There have also been no indications indicating that there are surrounding areas where similar acts were taking place

At the start of the investigations, prosecutors said that at the time of their arrest, the alleged perpetrators held 15 other people who suffered injuries from ritual practices.



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