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Christmas Fairs (Naviferias) for $8 Hams

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Early morning Chritmas Fair lines for $8  hams 


Posted 04/12/2019

Thousands of people got up early to attend the Naviferias (Christmas Fairs)  and get their chance to buy one  of 250,000 hams  at $8

Some said that they had been in line for more than 12 hours to beat the rush and authorities brought the opening forward to 7 a.m. The fairs, organized by  the Agricultural Marketing Institute (IMA) also sell vegetables at low cost including sacks of rice.



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Christmas fairs restart with checks on restaurant scams


Posted 07/12/2019

The Naviferias (Christmas fairs) where Panama citizens can pick up a ham for $8 and a sack of rice and vegetables at discounted prices organized by  the Institute of Agricultural Marketing (IMA) will be reactivated on  Tuesday, December 10, in various parts of the country, after the long weekend.  And Mother’s Day celebrations

In  the opening days the fairs followed the paths of recent years, long lines and hours of waiting.

On Saturday The IMA began using scanners to control the sale of rice bags.

The control allows the product to reach more Panamanians.

Purchasers will also have to produce ID, following reports of multiple purchases of rice and hams by restaurants. The use of this tool comes after an interinstitutional agreement between the IMA and the Electoral Tribunal has been finalized to use the database of the certificates issued by that State Body.

Manuel Araúz, director of the IMA, said that this is to end the scam game.

Araúz said people should not arrive early or sleep in the Naviferias area.



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