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US eggs importer hit with $10,000 fine


Posted 27/11/2019

An importer of US eggs that do not  meet Panama safety tests for preserved eggs has been slapped with a $10,000 fine by the Consumer Protection Authority (Acodeco).

The recalled eggs are sold in some establishments in the city. The regulator did not give information on the number of products that were taken from the outlets or the name of the brand.

“The investigation arose following a series of complaints, , for the sale in a supermarket of refrigerated eggs which do not comply with the technical regulation on Food, Poultry and Chicken Eggs for Consumption, ” said Acodeco.

The regulation says s that when eggs are imported into the country, companies must have in their conservation plants an adequate test record that determines storage conditions, temperature, and humidity fluctuations, as well as methods and treatment of the product.

“These requirements must be in Spanish, and must be submitted to the regulator when required. Failure to comply with the complete information, would be an anomaly, ”said an Acodeco spokesman.

In Panama, the per capita egg consumption is 169 units per year. At the end of 2018, egg production in the country totaled 704 million units and the export value of fertile eggs was recorded at $6.9 million



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Apparently this is just some jars of pickled eggs and it sounds like a paperwork compliance issue.

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