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Panama's Place in US Hemispheric Policy

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US Congressional delegation in Panama


Steve Scalise

Posted 05/11/2019

A 10-person US Congressional delegation led by Steve Scalise,  from Louisiana arrived in Panama on Tuesday, November 5 to "reaffirm the solid bilateral collaboration" between the two countries.

Economic, security and government-to-government issues will be addressed,  said the US Embassy in Panama.

The delegation - includes Mike Rogers (Alabama), Frank Lucas (Oklahoma), Larry Bucshon (Indiana), Dan Newhouse (Washington), Amata Radewagen (American Samoa), Guy Reschenthaler (Pennsylvania), Denver Riggleman (Virginia), Jenniffer Gonzalez-Colon (Puerto Rico) and Michael Waltz (Florida).

They will meet with President Laurentino Cortizo, Foreign Minister Alejandro Ferrer, and Security Minister Rolando Mirones.



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Panama’s uncertain place in  US hemispheric  policy

Posted 07/11/2019

In October, the interim undersecretary for hemispheric affairs of the United States Department of State visited Panama for four days. The long diplomatic visit is now followed, by the arrival of a dozen United States congressmen, on a visit to the country for two days. It seems that Panama has acquired an unexpected importance for US foreign policy. Our country and the northern nation have been partners, on unequal occasions, for more than a century and a half.

That does not rule out that the recent interest of the US government requires Panamanian authorities, more transparency with citizens, and more clarity regarding national interests. There is nothing wrong with one ally seeking the support of the other to achieve ends of common benefit  However, The government of Panama has had the historical vocation to carry out with opacity the foreign relations of our country. Panamanians need to know what are the interests at stake and the possible obligations that the country may be acquiring. The Latin American neighborhood needs more peace, cooperation and respect for human rights. The opposite does not benefit Panama.- LA PRENSA. Nov.7       



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