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Boquete Health and Hospice

Boquete Health and Hospice October Newsletter

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Table of Contents:
•Blood Drive Report
•Letter to Boquete Community
•Thank you Heros
•Tom McCormick's Help
•The Magic of Music
•Thank you from Lesley Hughes
•November Calendar
•Our Mission
56 Pints of blood were collected, which in turn will impact the lives of 168 recipients and their families.
Our mission is to educate our local community on the value and benefits of donating blood, and we see momentum!
Our heartfelt THANKS extend to ALL involved with this Blood Drive:
The blood donors; the Hospital Staff from Regional, Hospital Chiriqui and Mae Lewis; the Matching Fund Donors who donated dollars instead of blood; the Mayor´s office and City Council for their support; Radio Chiriqui; the Rotary Clubs of Boquete & David; the Lion´s Club, and of course, our valued, hardworking BHH VOLUNTEERS who put in hours of work to make it happen.

in service to our Community!

Hospital Regional Staff
Letter to the Boquete Community
The intent of this letter is to communicate to the Boquete community the resources that we recently utilized and to thank the medical services providers who excelled in delivering the necessary care we needed.  As both of us had long careers in the United States health care industry we carefully researched the local medical services when it became necessary for us to secure the use of them.  The agents we chose exceeded our expectations in every way.
As residents of Boquete for almost fifteen years, we had remained in good health until Wendy was diagnosed with breast cancer at Hospital Chiriqui six years ago.  This had been managed until a couple of years ago when her cancer metastasized and we began our research for local end of life care.  We chose Clinica Especializada Boquete and Dra Shannon Tuer as her primary care physician.  This was the best decision we could have possibly made as she received excellent medical care as well as profound compassionate care.  She also extended this same delivery of care to Wendy's family.  This clinic has extended hours for patient convenience, is reasonably priced, and all the physicians are bilingual.  Dra Tuer faithfully followed Wendy's plan for end of life care and she died last week the way she wanted, peacefully, and pain free in our home surrounded by her loved ones.

I would also like to thank Jessica Bell, her physical therapist at Clinica de Terapia Fisica y Rehabilitacion, who treated Wendy at home when she was no longer able to travel to town.  The Pharmacias Revilla employees special ordered liquid nutrition by the case when she required a liquid diet.  Boquete Health & Hospice provided all the necessary equipment Wendy needed to comfortably remain at home.  A respiratory therapist delivered supplemental oxygen when Wendy and Dra Tuer decided that it was necessary to make her more comfortable.  To the volunteers who are the vital engine of the Hospice team, I cannot adequately express my gratitude for your compassion and willingness to help in any possible way.  And to our Panamanian friends who have been so supportive and loving, there is no possible way to say thank you.
Kate McHaney

Thanks to our Heroes, The 66 people who came to donate and the Matching Fund Heroes who could not donate blood so instead donated a $ amount to match each pint of blood we collected.  The total raised by the Matching Fund Heros was $1373.00 (enough for example to buy another hospital bed for our loan program)
Cheryl Crabbe
Merl Allen Will-Wallace
Alison and Bill Brundage
John Sandeen
Price and Susan Peterson
Will and Joanie Feuerstein
Rich and Dee Lipner
Trish Christofferson
Dave y Erin Ross
Tim Rhodes
John and Babbie Earle
Lucie Conner & James McCallum
Keith Woolford
Joyce Newton
Lorraine and Chris McCall
Laurie and Kelly Collier
Plus 2 Anonymous donors
Once again Boquete Health and Hospice teams up with the Tom McCormick Foundation to bring much needed medical equipment to Panama and Chiriqui. Tom's foundation brings down a container once or twice a year full of medical equipment ranging from a wide variety of wheelchairs and walking aides to hospital beds and lots of Pampers. Tom also specializes in fabricating donated prosthesis for arms and legs using donated prosthesis from the US. 

For the last three years Tom has graciously allowed Boquete Health and Hospice to ship down oxygen concentrators in his container. This year BHHF was able to bring down 8 refurbished concentrators to replace many of the units that are breaking down after nearly four years of continuous use. 

Volunteers from BHHF go down each year to help Tom unload his container and to bring back the equipment for our Foundation and the Boquete Knitters and Quilters (see photographs). We greatly appreciate all close and cooperative relationships BHHF has with other non-profit organizations in Boquete and David.
The Magic of Music used to help Dementia and Alzheimers patients
Thanks to the following people
  • Bev T., Liz B. and Laurie for answering my questions
  • Barbara L. for being Team Leader for a hospice patient and for support the family
  • Carmen, Luis, Susan P. and Marjorie for Translator help
  • Cat and Lee AND Michael and Avel for 3 Bed Deliveries and 3 Bed Pick Ups
  • For General Equipment needs - Sela, Kat, Judy and Luis (for delivery of equipment to Potrerillos.) 
  • Kat and Howard for helping with patient
  • Merl, Karl and Luis for solving respiratory equipment issues
  • Marjorie and Sela for working with the Mayor’s office    
Your help made it all possible.
Lesley Hughes

Administrator Team
Upcoming Events
  • November 14 General Meeting at Animales 1-2pm
  • November 19 Boquete Health and Hospice  panel will field your questions at BCP.  Boquete Health and Hospice  medical director  Dra. Digna Diaz will join the panel.  Understanding  how Boquete Health and Hospice meets diverse health needs of our Boquete community.  This is a must whether  you are a permanent or temporary resident..or a visitor as well.   BCP Theater 10:30am to noon
Our Mission

Our mission is to provide palliative care for the terminally ill in order that they may experience death with dignity and limited pain; to inform and promote community health; and, to support people with health and wellness needs by providing information, equipment and volunteer services.
To Make a Donation
 BHHF functions with donations provided by the community. If you are interested in supporting the work we do, please make a donation.

To make a financial contribution by check or cash contact Merl Will-Wallace,our treasurer,at dharma49@icloud.com to arrange a time and place to pick up your donation.

You can also click here to make an online Paypal donation.

For more information visit our website: http://www.boquetehealth.org

We also have a Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/boqueteheartshandsandhelp/?ref=bookmarks  Please Like our page and share the contents with your family and friends.

All patient information shared with any Boquete Health and Hospice volunteer is kept in the strictest confidence.

To Contact Us

Hospice/Health:  (507) 6781-9250
8am to 8pm only, Please.  

Blood Donor Program: 
WhatApp (507)-6590-2000 or call (507) 6781-9250 8am to 8pm only, Please.

Email:  boquetehospice@gmail.com

Email:  boquetehealth@gmail.com

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