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Water and Sanitation: $290 Million in Investments

In the first semester of 2019, 23 environmental impact studies were presented for the construction of water purification plants, sewers, wastewater plants and other complementary works in the countries of the region, projects valued at $290 million.

Monday, October 28, 2019

The interactive platform "Construction in Central America", compiled by the Business Intelligence Unit at CentralAmericaData, includes an up to date list of public and private construction projects for which environmental impact studies (EIA) were submitted to the respective institutions of each country.

Panama was the country with the largest investment, with nearly $258 million in infrastructure construction projects to provide drinking water and wastewater services, corresponding to ten environmental impact studies submitted from January to June 2019. One of the most relevant projects consists of the installation of pipes and the supply of water storage tanks in different areas of the country.

Eight studies were presented in Costa Rica, totaling about $27 million. Among the constructions that stand out is the improvement of the drinking water system for the city of Puerto Limon.

In El Salvador, four sewerage projects are expected to require an investment of around $3 million. In the case of Guatemala, works are expected to be executed at a cost of approximately $2 million.

CentralAmericaData has information on the construction projects to be developed in Central America, with details such as estimated investment, times and phases of the project, supplies and equipment that will be required during and after construction, water treatment, and parking structure, among other things.



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