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Climate Change: Its Impact on Panama, Protest Activities, Establishment of Second HQ for Green Climate Fund, The UN's Convention on Climate Change, etc.

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Business group applauds young people climate  change initiative


Posted 16/02/2020

Panama’s Chamber of Commerce has endorsed the declaration of Network of Young People in the face of Climate Change in Panama, which urges “that public and private organizations recognize climate change as a reality and threat e for the country and for the Canal.

This threat must be faced through "a good interrelation of actors." said the Chamber and the implementation of a culture of water-saving, should be a concern of all as a country.

On the way to the creation of that culture, the guild mentioned that other pitfalls that affect the reliable functioning of the interoceanic route must be remedied.

One of those problems is the failed management for decades of the administration and supply of drinking water by the Institute of National Aqueducts and Sewers (IDAAN), The country requires a transformation of this institution, through a comprehensive review that allows all Panamanians to have access to it.

The Chamber reiterated to the Panama Authority that the country relies on the capacity in experience and visionary leadership of those who today manage the interoceanic route.

Chamber president Jorge Juan de la Guardia, said that last week he held talks with the administrator of the Panama Canal, Ricaurte Vásquez, who reiterated that “the entity works tirelessly in the search for solutions that ensure the availability of water for the reliable operation of the route”

He explained that the task of the ACP, includes the study of alternatives of both water sources and technologies that allow the country to ensure over time the continuous operation of its most strategic resource, which includes the use of our privileged location in the region.



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