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The Passing of Clara Cedeño Tello de Saavedra, Panama’s oldest citizen at 113

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Panama’s oldest citizen, 113, recognized for voting record


Aunt Clara

Posted 07/09/2019

The Electoral Tribunal (TE) will honor Panama’s oldest citizen Clara Cedeño Tello de Saavedra,  who has voted in every election since 1994.

She celebrated her 113th birthday on September 12 with family and friends and will receive recognition from the Electoral Tribunal (TE), on Tuesday, September 10.

A scroll from the TE recognizes her recognized as an exemplary citizen who has cast her vote in all the electoral events, from 1994 to 2019.

The ceremony  will take place at 11:00 am at her  home in Llano Bonito, Chitré, in Herrera province



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Oldest person in Latin America recognized for  Panama voting record


Posted 10/09/2019

Clara Cedeño at 113  the oldest person in Latin America was recognized by Panama’s Electoral Court magistrates on Tuesday, September for voting in every general election between 1994 and 2019.

Magistrates  Eduardo Valdés Escoffery and Heriberto Araúz participated in the act at her home in  Chitré along with provincial authorities, friends, and family.

"At 88 (1994) she assumes the commitment of not turning her back on democracy and asking her family not to stop taking her to each of the electoral events," said Valdés Escoffery

Clara Cedeño is the oldest person in Panama and Latin America; and globally is # 21.



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Oldest Panamamanian woman dies at 113


Posted 12/01/2020

Panama’s oldest person, Clara Cedeño de Saavedra, who cast her vote in every election from 1994 to 2019, died   in Chitre , aged 113 on Saturday, January 11.

On September 10 The Electoral Court presented  Aunt Clarita, as she was known with a plaque of recognition as an exemplary older citizen for her voting record.

A  requiem mass was celebrated at the San Juan Bautista cathedral in Chitre on Sunday.



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