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Rains Flood Streets, Collapse School Ceiling, Cause Deaths and Mudslides - Mid-July 2019

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School ceiling collapse predicted by students, staff


STUDENTS and families have protested structural problems

Posted 11/07/2019

Parents and staff of the Institute Jose Dolores Moscote in Parque Lefevre complained on Thursday. July 11  that warnings they gave months ago were fulfilled on Wednesday afternoon when the ceiling in the school entrance collapsed during heavy rain. The collapse came just two days after strike protesting conditions had ended.

Protesting families of students  asked the Ministry of Education (Meduca)  for infrastructure improvements because they fear that risks to students and teachers

Meduca authorities, who also arrived on campus, believe that the problem is not in the ceilings, or structures, but in the rain gutters located at the entrance of the school.

The contractor who carried out  $20,000 works on the roof  arrived to meet with Ricardo Sánchez,   Meduca Vice Minister of Infrastructure

 On Monday, July 8, students resumed classes after lifting  a three-week long the strike to demand greater security and the adjustment of school structures, affected by time and vandalism.



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Father and son rescued from mudslide


Posted 13/07/2019

A father 54  and his son. 24, buried in an mud slide  brought on by heavy rains in La Arboleda , on the road to Llano near Las Tablas on Saturday, July 12 were saved  from death  by a team of  firefighters on Saturday, July 13.

 A father 54  and his son. 24, buried in an muds ide  brought on by heavy rains in La Arboleda , on the road to Llano near Las Tablas on Saturday, July 12 were saved  from death  by a team of  firefighters on Saturday, July 13.

The men  were placing sewage pipes when the sides  of the trench  collapsed

They  were  rescued after ninety minutes  of intensive work by units of the Fire Department of Los Santos supported by the  Civil Protection System (Sinaproc), using  a backhoe and hand tools while rain continued to fall.

They were transferred to  the Joaquín Pablo Franco hospital in Las Tablas.



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Weather alert continues, after 2 deaths, floods, falling trees


Posted 14/07/2019

Two people were drowned and  79 homes affected by floods, falling trees or landslides following the passage of tropical wave No.17 on Saturday, July 13  in various sectors of the country.

The  Civil Protection System (Sinaproc)  which had issued an alert on Friday reported that a 40-year-old man drowned while attempting to rescue his small son who was being dragged by waves. on the beach of Ensenada de San Carlos

Another person  drowned  in  the Santa María River, in Veraguas

Sinaproc has repeated its prevention warning which remains in effect until midnight on Sunday, July 14.

In the New Mexico sector, Chilibre district, 15 houses were affected by floods. Sinaproc said the flooding was due to the sewer system collapsing, which caused the water to enter about three feet inside the houses.

In Río Alejandro, Colón, a gustnado [a, short-lived, low-level, temporary storm cloud t lifted  the roofs of two houses

In Hato Montaña, Cerro Castilla and Cerro Silvestre in Arraiján, three houses were affected by falling trees.  Another five trees fell on roads and sidewalks in the provinces of Colón and Panamá Oeste.



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