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Transferring ownership of a vehicle

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My friend is moving back to Canada.  I am responsible for selling his two (2) vehicles.  The last correspondence that I have regarding this issue is the following and I wish to make sure that the procedure it is still current and that there are no additional forms that need to be completed/signed or whatever because he leaves on Wednesday, 01 MAY 2019. 


  • Original plus 1 copy of your cedula or passport
  • Vehicular certificate of good standing (Paz y salvo)
  • Municipal good standing (Paz y Salvo)
  • Original documents of the vehicle (Registration/inspection/insurance)

(Must have a valid tag)

  • Purchase at the municipality the Transfer Card and have it completed by all parties, if all present, may not need. If one of the parties is absent, the absent party’s portion must be notarized

If you are not the owner of the vehicle or the buyer, but a third party assisting in the transaction, you must have a letter, notarized, authorizing you to handle the transaction. This letter must state the vehicle information (engine number, vin number, color, make, model, year and tag number), the parties names and cedula or passport information and your name and cedula or passport information. You must bring a copy of the cedula or passport of each party involved that you are handling the transaction for and yours as well.

This process must be done at the municipality in which the vehicle is registered.


Thank you in advance for your assistance.



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Someone on another Forum was nice enough to answer my question:)  For those interested, this procedure is still accurate.


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