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Can I Learm Spanish and enjoy the process?? REALLY ??

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YOU can enjoy learning Spanish !!
Have a functional vocabulary
with accurate pronunciation 
that allows you to participate fully
in the friendly Panamanian Culture.
Enjoy lively classes that focus on your individual and unique needs and skills. Be able to talk to your Spanish friends, neighbours, Doctors,  and cleaning lady; and more importantly, be able to understand them.
Set your goals with a trained teacher and Native Panamanian . Success depends on both qualifications and experience of the teacher. I provide 8 years of teaching Spanish in Boquete along with 3 years experience in Reims, France combined with my formal training ( Master's Degree in Teaching Spanish and Official Authorized Public Translator English/Spanish)
I promise ONE-on-ONE, balanced classes that allow you to learn pronunciation, articulation and grammar skills at your own pace while building comprehension and confidence. Laughter is part of our the class, when you have fun your learn more rapidly  and retain more content.
Join me for your

Contact me, Jacky, your Spanish Teacher at: 6604-8676, whatssap: 6907-3411

Email: jackylescure22@gmail.com

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Dear Jacqueline, 

As you did not answer to my request from your own post here :
I suppose you did not see it, because I can't imagine you don't need work. 
Therefore I'll ask you a last time :
I need to learn Spanish and French for professional aims so I'm looking for a teacher with high qualifications. 
I heard there is a very good native French teacher in the alianza francesa in David but it's not very practical for me to go there.
You write you have a Master degree in French Literature and Teaching, that's really impressing. Do you have any qualification paper from the university of Reims or from another university ?
You taught spanish in France too, that's it ? Do you have any references ? Alliance française, university or other institution where you were teacher ?
Amy Foster de Gonzalez
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