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OPINION: Panama scince shortchanged


Marchers exit the Bio Museo

Posted 31/03/2019

Today is the third March for Science, a global event that the Science Movement in Panama, has joined in order to highlight the role played by science in the daily life of the population, and highlight the importance of research, technological innovation and the formulation of public policies based on evidence. Panama is a country that has been built and has prospered thanks to science and technology: the Canal would not have been possible without the control of mosquitoes; the hubFinancial logistic would not be feasible without the high technology of communication, and all human activities in this isthmus depend on science and

Despite this, Panama only invests 0.2% of GDP in this issue, while the aspiration of Panamanian scientists is to reach at least 1%. Although The Gorgas Institute this year has the highest budget in its history ($28.6 million) it needs more funds to face so many challenges. That is why the scientific and educational community is marching today in the capital, in Las Tablas and David. Without greater resources for the training of scientists, the financing of research and the consolidation of innovation, Panama is condemned to delay and an unsustainable intellectual dependence. In the era of anti-vaccination movements and other opponents of knowledge.- LA PRENSA, Mar. 31



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