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Marcelyn and I attended the Thursday, March 14th performance of A Red Plaid Shirt at the BCP Theater. It was a full house. During the performance there was an unexpected (natural, not part of the script) earthquake that caused a few momentary "what the hey" expressions by the actors, but the show went on. During the second half, I heard a couple of people in the audience comment in a low voice words to the effect that some of the script was touching on sensitive thoughts about real life and aging. The performers did a wonderful job, especially given that the script was detailed and that there were numerous scene changes.

This was another successful event produced by BCP. Thank you.

Here are some pictures taken during this second day performance of The Red Plaid Shirt.



















Here is the "curtain call" at the end of the performance.



And here is the program brochure for this show.

RPS Program sheet_Page_1.jpg

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Thank you for your positive review and your terrific photos.  Hope you continue to enjoy the BCP's performances and continue to take wonderful photos.

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The show was a funny exploration of the dynamics and issues facing retirees, especially couples. The cast did a superb job of bringing the characters to life under the artful direction of Barbara Fiorucci. The set looked great and the music and lighting added to the whole performance. Kudos to Olinda S and Jakki C for set changes and props and to the entire cast and crew for their many hours of dedication and rehearsals that paid off. Your hard work made for a delightful evening for the folks who were lucky enough to attend a performance. 

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