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Aqua-6 Multi-Purpose Ozone Generator

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Ozone.jpg.7192192a17560ad7912fd5fe3a89cb13.jpgThe Aqua-6, a 600 mg/hour multipurpose ozone generator, is a versatile unit that can provide the benefits of ozone in every room of your home. The unique design of the Aqua-6 is lightweight and portable making it easy to use for multiple purposes seamlessly. This best-selling unit has exclusive features that include a wall mount ability and a functional timer with 15 settings. This is a donated unit that is missing its 36" plastic tubing but that is available at any hardware store.

For sale for $74.89 (plus shipping) on the internet. The Handicap Foundation has tested this unit and will guarantee it for 30 days. Priced to sell for $30. Email pjbarrett@aol.com to purchase.

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