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Panama named best country for US retirees

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Panama  has been named by International Living magazine as the best retirement place  forUS citizens in 2019

Panama ranked first in version 29 of the magazine’s Annual Global Retirement Index, with a total score of 88.9.

The list covers the countries of the five continents and uses a combination of 13 indicators (health care, climate, cost of living, etc.), to classify the ideal places for American professional retirees.

Costa Rica, Mexico, Ecuador, and Malaysia complete the top 5 ranking. The list also includes Colombia, Portugal, Peru, Thailand, and Spain.

The report highlighted Panama’s affordable cost of living, medical care, landscapes and benefits offered to pensioners, such as discounts on hotels, energy bills, entertainment, airline tickets, and health services for retired women and men.

The publisher also claimed a large percentage of the population with English skills.

Many citizens of North America look for the mountain communities or the beaches of the Pacific and The Caribbean to spend their last years, after their professional career.

The report highlighted Bocas del Toro, the beaches of Coronado and Pedasí, in the province of Los Santos.

“Modern, convenient and close to the United States. Not to mention the sun, the warmth and the welcome It is not surprising that Panama has topped the 2019 Annual Global Retirement Index.

Panama is warm and tropical, but completely outside the hurricane belt. The currency is the US dollar. The tax burden is low. And there is a large English-speaking population, including a group of excellent doctors,” the report says.



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