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Paulett Rosales (Miss Tourism Panama 2018) Is A Victim of Discrimination

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Miss Tourism Panama 2018 is a victim of discrimination

Wed, 12/12/2018 - 20:25


Paulett Rosales, Miss Tourism Panama 2018, lives a difficult time when three days from the competition she was disqualified as a candidate in the Miss Tourism International contest held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Because she suffers of vitiligo.

"Hello Panama, my name is Paulette Rosales. I represent Panama in the Miss Tourism International that takes place in Kuala Lumpur. After three days of competition today I am in my room because the president of the organization has decided that I cannot participate because I have vitiligo," Rosales said in a video broadcast on social networks after being removed from all activities of the contest. The Señorita Panama Organization said via Instagram that: "The Señorita Panama Organization regrets the case of DISCRIMINATION suffered by Ms. Paulette Rosales in the Miss Tourism International contest for suffering from vitiligo. Although it is not a contest of our organization, she is a Panamanian that represents us all and her Rights have been violated".

The 20-year-old girl was chosen as Miss Tourism Panama International 2018, to represent the country in the beauty pageant that will take place in Malaysia. Rosales was dismissed from international competition for having "spots on her skin", says Señorita Panama Organization, who stresses that it is "an outrageous case and of obvious discrimination that no Panamanian should tolerate."

Rosa Iveth Montezuma, who is in Bangkok, Thailand competing for the Miss Universe crown also expressed her solidarity via Instragram with Paulette Rosales: "When we fall into stereotypes we can not see what is really beautiful, beauty is integral, it is the reflection of our hearts. In the XXI century we cannot continue to classify people or decide for the dreams of others, because a condition does not define you, the desire of your heart does. The statement shared on Instagram by the Señorita Panama Organization highlights that Paulette Rosales has been offered a place in Señorita Panamá 2019, a ticket to Bangkok and a ticket to the Miss Universe Final. All this so that Rosales "can feel the comfort of being with her people in such a difficult situation. Hopefully we can have her rooting for Rosa Iveth Montezuma," the statement said.



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