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Where to get a composting toilet in Panama???

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toilet.jpg.01fb3a6841fd253c2b8f6eb453ffedab.jpgWe have a family in the Handicap Foundation that has no indoor plumbing. The wife is in a wheel chair and the husband struggles to take care of her needs. Putting in a septic tank and field would be very difficult because of the rocks and tree roots surrounding their hovel.

We want to explore a composting toilet. Does anybody know where in Panama to get such a thing -- or who I can ask.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

Penny Barrett


FPI Board Member

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Elmec in David possesses the ability to order virtually anything bath or kitchen related.  Will they is another story.


They refused to see if they could order me a gas versus electric powered hot tub from their US supplier Hot Springs which does manufacture them.


Then again I've encountered numerous businesses who refuse to do custom orders here in Panama.



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