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Most of Panama City without water December 1

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Most  of Panama City without water December 1

Water treatment plant Chilbre
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Much of Panama City  will be without   water on  Saturday, December 1 says Panama’s   water authority (IDAAN) ) The Federico Guardia Conte water treatment plant in Chilibre will stop operations from   5 a.m.  until 6 p.m

The sectors affected Will be : Rio Abajo, Parque Lefevre, San Francisco, via Transístmica, El Dorado, via Tumba Muerto, Pueblo Nuevo, La Cresta, La Locería, Bethania, Miraflores, Altos de Miraflores, Dos Mares, Villa de Las Fuentes 1 and 2, Santa María, Hato Pintado, Altos de Panamá, Carrasquilla, Plaza Edison, Limajo, 12 de Octubre, Panamá Viejo, Obarrio, Paitilla, Punta Pacifica, Costa del East, 50th street, Balboa Avenue, via Brazil, via Spain, El Carmen, Bella Vista, via Argentina, El Cangrejo, part of Clayton.

All the corregimientos of the district of San Miguelito, Panama Norte from Las Cumbres to Buena Vista and all the remote sectors of the network that comprise Panama East from Pedregal to Siesta de Tocumen will also be affected. The exceptions are Calidonia, Santa Ana, Perejil, San Felipe, El Chorrillo and Reverted Areas that are supplied by the Miraflores water treatment plant.

IDAAN will activate a contingency plan to supply San Fernando Hospital, Pediatric Specialties Hospital, Susana Jones Hospital, Punta Pacifica Hospital, Irma Hospital of Lourdes Tzanetatos, Paitilla Medical Center and the Santa Librada and JJ Vallarino polyclinics.

Once the water treatment plant restarts operations, the system will recover over 24 hours for low points and 48 hours for high and distant points in the network.



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