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Moderator comment: IMHO, this news article would have been more informative had it included the percentage increase in these fees. Bottom line here is upward pressure on the cost of future airline tickets.


New Fares at Panama Airports

With the new fares, commercial and airline offices will pay a minimum monthly fee of $20 per square meter, and warehouse areas will be charged $10.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Since November 14th, the new tariffs, fees and charges for commercial non-aeronautical services and the minimum rents for the use of surface facilities or services provided in the international airports Enrique Malek (David), Scarlet Martínez (Río Hato), Enrique A. Jiménez (Colón) and Panamá Pacífico (Howard) have been in force.

The agreement published in the Gaceta Oficial details the following table of fees:

Premises and spaces in public areas of the passenger terminal Minimum monthly fee per square meter
Commercial offices $20
Airline Offices $20
Warehouses $10
Roofed Open Area $2
Paved Open Area $1
Unpaved Open Area $0,50
Counters $20
Hangars, Workshops, On-line Maintenance (Preventive and corrective of aircrafts) $1,50

See full details.



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