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This Sunday Rally To Recycle

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Join us THIS SUNDAY  Nov 18 from 7am to 1pm at Fairgrounds to Recycle all you have at home or work.   There is a GATE CHANGE- go to gate 7, this is the LAST gate at Feria, if you are coming from the BCP.  It is the FIRST gate on your right if you are coming the long way around from Palo Alto.  We wil have someone there to show you the way at the turnoff.
Recycling has been moved to a spot further down in the fairgrounds due to fairground prep for upcoming events. 
To recycle - Look for the last gate (#7 but there’s no sign.
We’ll alsp have a big blue barrel out at the street next week with a recycle sign on it to indicate where to turn in.  However it would be great if you can volunteer to stand at this gate to help people see where to enter
   please note we will be using GATE 7.  not 4 this Sunday

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