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Panama Celebrates Independence With High Spirits Beneath Rain Filled Clouds, November 2018 Holidays

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High spirits beneath rain  filled clouds

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With clothes but not spirits dampened, high schools, public institutions, security bodies and independent groups turned out in their thousands on a dreary November 3  to commemorate  115 years of  Panama’s separation from Colombia.


President Varela and his wife, Lorena Castillo, whose image is facing increasing pressure as they enter the final lap of their administration with matching grey clouds from newly revealed corruption scandals began the celebration to the sound of cornets and drums at the presidential palace on the edge of  Bay of Panama.

The parades began mid-morning in Panama city and across the country.

Rommel Escarreola, historian and  member of the National Commission of the Symbols of the Nation said the wrong use of clothing and the flag  sometimes creeps in and  recalled that the country has a regulation for the use of national symbols dating from 2012, and said that most likely errors in its use “will be repeated, but less”, over time.


What he most lamented is that, commercially, for example, the fervor of promoting national holidays is not so much felt as with other foreign celebrations that “have no relation with the historical values of the nation and the State. and what it does is confuse. ”

But that was not apparent on Saturday with delegations of government ministries, police, firemen, border security forces, Sinaproc and women dressed in the pollera (Panamanian national costume).

Celebrations continue

Panamanians will continue their national holiday and pay tribute on Sunday, November 4 to the National Symbols ; On  Monday, November 5,  the consolidation of the separation of Colombia will be celebrated in the city of Colón and will continue on November 10 with the commemoration of the 1821 uprising  against  colonial Spain and is known as the “First Cry  of Independence of the Villa de Los Santos”. On November 28 the independence of Panama from Spain in 1821, two months later than the rest of the countries of Central America will be celebrated.



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Tree falls slow holiday exodus

Thousands of traveler heading into the Interior for the holiday weekend suffered long delays on Saturday afternoon as firemen worked to move a fallen tree on the Pan-American highway at the La Ermita, San Carlos. Earlier travelers also faced  delays when a tree fell on Avenida de los Mártires, at the exit to  Mi Pueblito


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Over 6,000 holiday tickets – and counting

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If you got a traffic ticket on the weekend you were not alone. Panama drivers snagged over, 6,000  traffic sanctions including over 100 for impaired driving in the first 24 hours of the national holiday operations National Police (PN) director, Alonso Vega Pino,  said that fortunately there were no major traffic accidents during the early days of the operation but they will continue to watch the highways. So drive with care.


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Women wearing polleras fill the Panamanian National Symbols day with color and tradition

Sun, 11/04/2018 - 19:13


Dozens of women, wearing the typical dress of Panama, filled with color and tradition the parades of the National Symbols Day, in the framework of the celebrations of the country’s independence.

Dressed in colored and designed skirt and the shirt, which is usually white and embroidered, the women paraded happily in the government palace before President Juan Carlos Varela and senior officials.

The traditional female attire is completed with rich ornaments on the head, called templeques, in addition to elaborate jewelry, which includes materials such as gold and pearls making it eye-catching.

The around 60 women wearing polleras were students from different public and private schools, who were part of the parades for the National Symbols Day.

Indigenous students also paraded with their traditional costumes, as well as school orchestras and Panamanian state institutions.

The route of the parades included some streets of the Casco Antiguo of the capital, located in front of the Bay of Panama and one of the main tourist attractions, so many visitors from abroad appreciated the parade.

This day began this morning with the raising of the national flag by President Varela Rodríguez, who was accompanied by his wife and first lady, Lorena Castillo, as well as other government personalities.

The national holidays began this Saturday with the commemoration of the 115th anniversary of the Separation of Panama from Colombia, will continue on Monday in the Caribbean city of Colón with the commemoration of the consolidation of the separation of Colombia.

They will continue on November 10 with the celebration of the popular uprising that took place in 1821 against colonial Spain and is known as the "First Scream of Independence of the Villa de Los Santos", and will close on November 28 when the independence of Panama of Spain was evoked in 1821, two months after the rest of the countries of Central America.



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November is the month of patriotic jubilation for Panamanians

Wed, 11/07/2018 - 12:16

panama fiestas.jpg

The arrival of November represents a month of celebrations and patriotic pride for Panamanians. National symbols and historical dates are exalted remembering the struggles won over which the current country was built. The holidays that come in this month are:

November 10: First Scream of Independence. Next November 10, Panama celebrates 197 years of the Santeña feat, the first cry of Freedom! The heroism of the Santeños who sowed the need for independence is remembered and celebrated; a historic shout that gave way to the long-awaited Panamanian independence from Spain.

The Panamanian National Assembly (AN) announced in conjunction with the Union of Santeños on October 25 the program of festivities in commemoration of the First Scream of Independence of the Village of Los Santos.

The schedule will start with a typical Mass in the Church of Nuestra Señora del Carmen to give way later to the ceremonial events, which will take place in the vicinity of the Rommel Fernández Stadium with the hoisting of the flag, the singing of the Santeño anthem and the glorious notes of the national anthem.

According to deputy Elias Castillo, at 10:00 a.m., a civic parade is planned, with the participation of some 25 schools, while at 11 a.m.; there will be a traditional parade of carts.

November 28: Panamanian Independence from Spain. To complete a festive month, on November 28 a historic date for Panama is celebrated. That same day but in 1821 the country became independent from Spain and proclaimed itself as an independent and sovereign Isthmus.

This year with student delegations and independent band parades in La Chorrera (Panama West) and other areas of the country, the 197 years of Spanish Independence will be commemorated.

The national holidays began on November 3 and 4 when the 115th anniversary of the separation of Colombia and the Day of the Flag respectively were celebrated. With targets, colorful parades and orchestras from public institutions and schools, the Panamanians commemorated another year of patriotic jubilation.



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Miss Panama leads independence cry celebrations

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Panama’s representative in the Miss Universe contest next month, Rosa Iveth Montezuma, was the official standard-bearer at the commemorative events of the first independence cry in La Villa de Los Santos  on Saturday November  10. She is the first indigenous Miss Panama


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