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Bob G

Is Mold in Your House Giving You the Blues (with gray & green fuzzies & the sniffles)?

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El Matador’s Mold and Odor Killer Service

The name, El Matador means “the killer.”  Every El Matador product is designed to kill something. It may be germs, mold, odors, arthritis, osteoporosis, candida infections, rust or other things. If you would like a list of El Matador products and some information, send an email to usn11958@gmail.com with the subject ”El Matador”

This announcement is about a service to kill something and not about a product.

Probably all of us have had the experience of noticing musty, moldy odors in the bathrooms, bedrooms, closets, storerooms, cabinets or other areas of our homes.  Some homes and cars also have cigarette smoke odors, and others have dog or cat odors or strong kitchen odors.

For any of these, and more, the answer is using El Matador Mold and Odor Killer Service.  For preventing or killing mold on specific articles of clothing, shoes, furniture, area rugs, draperies, etc., it’s hard to beat El Matador Mold Killer in spray bottles.  But for killing mold and its odors in whole rooms or whole houses, you need ozone that can permeate all the nooks and crannies of the house.

There are some very nice (and rather expensive) ozone air freshening machines that can be kept in your home, running 24 hours per day. Back in the US I had one.  But here we tend to leave windows and doors open most of the time, which allows the ozone to
drift out of the house and not do its job. Also, you generally need a higher concentration of ozone to kill off mold infections.

El Matador is offering for rent a commercial-grade ozone generator.  It produces a lot of ozone to produce a “shock treatment” in your room, home or car.  This is not the type of machine that you can just leave running in your home all the time. You need to place it in a central part of the area you wish to treat, open all closets, cabinets, drawers and cubby holes, close all the windows and outside doors, turn on ceiling fans or circulating fans and go away while the ozone is permeating your home.

The time for mold treatment depends on the total area.  It can also depend on the degree of mold growth you need to deal with. A rule of thumb is about thirty minutes to an hour for every 200 square feet or 20 square meters. The time for clearing cigarette smoke odors and other odors can usually be shorter, while heavier mold problems may take longer.

Smaller cars need around one hour of treatment, while station wagons and SUV’s need around two hours.

The ozone machine has a three-hour timer and a continuous “ON” switch. If you plan to go away while your home is treated for a number of hours, I can loan a timer for longer operation at no extra cost.

After treatment, you need to allow thirty to forty minutes to air out the space.  The Ozone is not dangerous, but breathing it at concentrated levels may irritate your nose or throat.  Pets and house plants should be removed during treatment.

The rental rate for the machine is $20.00 for 24 hours or fraction thereof.  This allows plenty of time for a large house, plus a casita and a car or two.  There is no extra charge if you need to borrow a timer. Both use normal 120 volt household electricity. There is a $50.00 refundable deposit, so payment at pickup is $70.00. If you find that you need to keep the machine for more than 24 hours, you can call me to say you need the extra time, and I can deduct the fee for the extra day from the deposit.  The deposit or remaining balance is refunded at the time the machine is returned undamaged.

You may reserve the machine by calling me at 6745-2828 or, preferably, sending an email to usn11958@gmail.com.  It can be picked up by arrangement at my house in Alto Boquete or on Tuesday mornings at the Tuesday Market with return to my house.

Kill your odor problems with El Matador.

Bob Gregory, the El Matador dude

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