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Tip of the Day - Using the Search Function on CL

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A powerful feature of Chiriqui Life (CL) is the search capability. The purpose and benefit is that members can find previous postings to answer their questions or learn information already asked and answered.

Search is the magnifying glass looking icon located in the upper right on the home page and some other pages.

PROCESS:  Click on the magnifying glass, type in a topic (subject) word, then click on the magnifying glass icon or hit the Return/Enter key on your keyboard. Previous postings contain the desired content are displayed.

EXAMPLE:  Click on the magnifying glass icon. Type DENTIST on the line next to big magnifying glass. Fourteen (14) past postings of questions and answers on this subject are displayed.

Also typing in the search argument will cause a context sensitive down menu to appear. That menu allows further options to tailor your search.

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