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Found 27 results

  1. Are you planning a Family vacation or Business trip? Need someone to look after your home and furry members of the family? Leave your home in good hands! Boquete Home & Pet offers you: - House sitting - Pet care in general - Plant care/watering Contact by email: boquete.jp97@gmail.com Phone number: 64709025 Call today!
  2. PLEASE help us continue to reduce the number of homeless and unwanted dogs and cats in Boquete and surrounding communities by clicking HERE
  3. Last Friday we received a call from Heather Dyer asking for help for a dog who was living in a cage, we went to see the dog and then went to the Corregidor but the office was closed. We called the Corregidor the last Monday and ask her for help about this case. The Corregidor went to see the dog and now the animal is free again. We will be in contact with Heather and the Corregidor to be sure the dog is safe. Remember if you see a bad owner, you can contact to the corregidor of your area or we can help you with the translation if you don't speak Spanish. Adopt a rescued dog is the best option ever!!! Come to visit us and meet the big pack at the Dog Camp!! CONTACT US: Javier Madge: 6965-9423 Magaly Bustamante: 6563-8686 dogcampboquete@gmail.com SUPPORT OUR RESCUE AND ADOPTION ACTIVITIES: Donate funds: GoFundMe Food and supplies appreciated FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA: Dog Camp Boquete Blog Facebook Instagram YouTube
  4. Happy New Year 2018!! The dogs from DogCamp say thank you for all your support during this year. With your help we could help and rescue many animals. Remember that we are only two person trying to help animals in the Community. Actually we have 39 dogs plus our own three dogs, total 42 dogs and 2 cats (Arf is in charge of 7 dogs) We are helping with extra bag of food to a poor lady who rescued six big dogs and sometimes she doesn't have enough money to buy food for them. Also we started to help, with Martha Beatriz, an old couple who rescued 12 big dogs, so sometimes we go to give them some dog food too. Here is the list of all the animals that are living at the DogCamp: Sophia and her 4 small puppies two months old Pancha and her 5 fat puppies seven weeks old Junior a puppy six weeks old Nino and Nina, lab mix, puppies four months old Nazca, Pepe and Wilson, meeium size, puppies, six months old Chiki and Pelusa, two small lap dogs Gracie, medium size, ten months old Mia, medium size, ten months old Mango and Bila, two medium size one year old Duke, medium size, eight months old Dora, Bobby and Negra, medium size, one year old, we rescued them when they were one month old with the mother (Arf is in charge of them) Chino, meduum size, one year old Jimmy, medium size, eleven months old (Arf is in charge of him) Precious, medium size, 2 years old Salvador, medium size, 10 months old Sasha, medium size, a husky mix, two years old, we rescued her when she was three months old (Arf is in charge of her) Sophie, big size, one and a half year old, we rescued her when she was one month old (Arf is in charge of her) Buddy, big size, seven years old, we rescued him when his owner wanted to put down at the veterinary two years ago (Arf is in charge of him) Five feral dogs, big size, two years old (Blanca, Chela, Chichi, Ronald and Snoopy) Adopt a rescued dog is the best option ever!!! Come to visit us and meet the big pack at the Dog Camp!! CONTACT US: Javier Madge: 6965-9423 Magaly Bustamante: 6563-8686 dogcampboquete@gmail.com SUPPORT OUR RESCUE AND ADOPTION ACTIVITIES: Donate funds: GoFundMe Food and supplies appreciated FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA: Dog Camp Boquete Blog Facebook Instagram YouTube
  5. We have a very nice older girl who’s shown up here this evening in Brisas Boqueteñas, most probably scared by fireworks. At this time she’s ensconced himself under the bed with our little dog. Well fed, no collar, one perpendicular K9 tooth. I’m sure her family would prefer that she spend Christmas at home. Message me.
  6. Anyone who has lived here a while know that fireworks are a big part of holiday celebrations. There used to be little or no regulation over purchases, and that has improved, but there are still related injuries being reported every season. Public Safety takes precautions against fireworks Ariana Ramírez Tue, 12/19/2017 - 14:00 Through the Institutional Directorate on Public Security Affairs (Diasp), the Ministry of Public Security published on its institutional portal a series of recommendations to prevent accidents due to improper use of fireworks. Fireworks can cause accidents such as burns, fires and mutilations. Rockets, sparklers and fireworks are potentially dangerous. The statement also informs that the operations of the officials of the (Diasp) will be functioning regularly during the celebration dates. The institution recommends, when using these devices, using them in open spaces; not throwing them against walls, light boxes or gas; avoiding touching the wick even if it seems to be off or that has not exploded; not carrying them in pockets, turning them on flat and / or smooth surfaces, never in the hand. It also recommends having containers with water nearby in case the product has not worked properly. Moreover, the regulations for the use of fireworks forbid children to handle these products, as well as their sale to minors. Similarly, the stores that sell fireworks must have a certification issued by the Diasp. Finally, consumers of these products are encouraged not to experiment with them because they are flammable and, in case of burns, the affected area must be covered with clean compresses and the person must immediately visit a doctor.
  7. Attached is a PDF format copy of the Animal Protection Act of Panama -- Law 70 of 18 October 2012. The official version is the Spanish language copy, and a high fidelity English language translation has also been provided, both courtesy of Dottie Atwater, who runs the spay/neuter clinic in Volcan. Anyone wishing to report animal abuse, as defined in these documents, is advised to contact their local Corregidor. Animal Protection Act (Spanish).pdf Animal Protection Act (English).pdf Note that downloading of the above documents requires that you be a registered member of and logged into this website. There is no charge for a membership.
  8. Honey, Pinky and Princesa are looking for a new home. Their human passed away a couple of weeks ago and there's no one who can take care of them, for now my husband's family (relatives of the lady) can just watch out for them, feed them and clean their area. We'd like to adopt them but we already have 3 dogs and we don't have enough space at home or resources. There's nobody home and we're worried about them getting depressed. Honey is 8 y/o, mixed breed, small-sized, curly hair, around 20lb, white with black and brown patches. Nature is reserved, likes calm spots. Pinky is ~5 y/o, mixed breed, medium-sized, around 40lb, long-haired, color white and black from mid-body to the rear legs. Nature is cheerful and likes to be petted. He is sterilized. Princesa is ~4 y/o, mixed breed, medium-sized, around 40lb, long-haired, color white. Nature is cheerful and likes to be petted. Pinky and Princesa are brothers, at the moment we are looking forward to sterilize Honey and Princesa, as it's most likely for them to find home if they are sterilized. Also it's required that Pinky and Princesa be adopted by the same person/family, they're very close and separation could be harmful for them. Honey does not get well along kids. The dogs are used to be indoors or at a terrace area, unleashed. They have their vaccines up-to-date. For contact please email to giodelalastra@gmail.com, we live at Barriada de las Flores, close to Los Naranjos .
  9. Bryant and Sharna are moving to the Boquete/Chiriqui area permanently February 1, 2018 and seek a mid to long term sit to get us started. We have local friends and references. As retired professionals, global travelers and fur baby parents, we are capable of providing many services for your home, pets and/or hospitality business. Capable B&B and property managers, we are comfortable with the many challenges serving a variety of cultures and lifestyles. And we speak a bit of Spanish, badly. Bryant was a commercial/residential general contractor and he can build, maintain or repair just about anything. His hobbies include fine woodworking, furniture refinishing and tinkering with how to live green. Sharna was a global technology consultant and also served as a non-profit board member providing service dogs to families and veterans, and as a pet photographer for the Humane Society. Hobbies include dog training and grooming, healthy lifestyle & gluten free cooking, home accent/interior design, home organization, travel blogging, gardening and photography. We have been property owners, landlords and renters and that experience gives us perspective with many property related challenges from all viewpoints. Responsible, trustworthy, friendly, fun and open minded, non smokers and adaptable to just about any situation. As parents and fosters to both cats and dogs we are comfortable with administering medicines, special foods and tender loving care. We have two of our own senior dogs that will be with us. Max is a Sheltie and Bear is a Pekingese. They get along with just about every four-footed being, including yours! Whatever your home or pets require, let us know and we will take care of it. Yes, we have references for our home sits and our character, as do our dogs. Note: we are currently engaged on a house sitting project until mid January 2018 in the U.S. Contact us now to arrange for sits beginning February 1, 2018! Viendo hacia adelante!
  10. Keeping Cats and Dogs Secure The next few days around New Year's will bring lots of noise as Panamanians celebrate with fireworks. This is the time when lots of animals run off and go missing because of the loud scary noises coming out of the sky. Below are a couple tips to hopefully keep everyone safe and happy Make sure your dog or cat always has somewhere to hide if he or she wants to and has access to this place at all times; this could be under some furniture or in a closet. Walk dogs during daylight hours and keep cats and dogs indoors when the fireworks are likely to be set off. At nightfall close the windows and curtains and put on music or the TV to mask and muffle the sound of fireworks. Don’t punish or fuss over your pet when it is scared. Make sure your cat or dog is always kept in a safe and secure environment and can’t get out if there’s a sudden noise. Keep yourself calm so no feeling of anxiety will pass on to your pet.
  11. Photo by Bob Gregory The rains have returned to the Boquete area. Of course we are glad to see the rain because the water is needed for agriculture and to operate the Panama Canal. But the rain also marks the the return of gray, fuzzy mold on shoes, coats, rugs, furniture, and other things in your home. Also we have received word of the spread of the H1N1 flu virus in Chiriqui, and we need ways to prevent or treat that kind of infection. So here comes a shameless promotion of El Matador Mold Killer and some other El Matador products that can be important in your life and health and the life and health of your pet. "El Matador" means "The Killer," and most El Matador products fit that description in one way or another. Here is a rundown of some principal El Matador products. El Matador MOLD KILLER -- Kills and prevents growth of mold on shoes, leather jackets, area rugs, draperies, backs of furniture, etc. 16 ounce spray bottle - $7 El Matador COLLOIDAL SILVER -- This miracle in a bottle kills over 600 different microorganisms. Take orally for colds, flu other viral infections, sore throat, candida, gastroenteritis, yeast infections, etc. Use topically for burns, cuts, scrapes, skin infections, etc. 4 ounces - $10, 8 ounces - $15, 32 ounces (quart) - $45. When bottles are available, 16 ounces - $24, 24 ounces - $35. Also great for pets. Completely safe. Long list of non-medical uses also, including sanitizing fruits and vegetables. El Matador BORON SUPPLEMENT -- "Kills" (prevents and cures) arthritis and osteoporosis. Kills candida infections. Boosts hormones. Important supplement because most farm soils have been depleted of boron. Good for preventing and treating arthritis in pets. Quart bottle - $12 (2 month supply for one person) El Matador PUP FRESH -- Kills dog odors between baths. Kills germs and repels fleas and ticks. Fresh, pleasant odor. Don't bathe your dog too often because it can be bad for the skin. Can also be sprayed on dog bedding NOT FOR CATS. 24 ounce spray bottle $8 For each of these products except PupFresh I furnish a guidesheet sent to your email address. Other free information, including eBooks, is also available to provide detailed guidance for colloidal silver and boron supplement uses for specific conditions. To order any product send an email to Bob Gregory at rhgusn@gmail.com or call 6745-2828. Also email for a complete product list and any detailed information you wish. Products may be picked up at my house in Alto Boquete or usually at the Tuesday BCP market by arrangement. For your convenience, Andrew Foote stocks the smaller sizes of El Matador colloidal silver at his Tuesday market table in the Hex Room.
  12. I am looking for a pasture for a horse that is in a firld so small that not a single blade of grass grows. He stays in his shed most of the time and comes out for feeding. I was told that the owner has tried to give the horse away but no one wants an old nearly wild horse. When I was here two years ago I did some work with the horse and was able to make some pretty rapid progress with him. At first he would try to bite anyone who came close to him including me. In one months time I was able to be in the field with him, back him, do a little lunging (not much room for this) and lay on his back for short periods.So I think I can get him rideable and then maybe someone would want him. I will go down to the equestrian center tomorrow and talk to them. Probably need the field fence (I can do fence repairs) and if it had cover the horse to out of the rain that would be awesome but if not I can build a temp one. I also need to transport him. Thanks Dave
  13. Bill and I would like to go somewhere with our doggie. Any hotels that accept pets you know of?
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