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Found 78 results

  1. Bill and I adopted a new rescue dog as we have been lonely since Flossy died. Being as how our "shopping time" narrowed down to zip with the COVID thing, we told J and M at the camp to "hand us one". We got a little girl dog we call Weasel because she looks like one. Short shiny black hair...like a shiny blue-black horse. We washed , brushed, groomed an got that hair slick. QUESTION: Since being isolated with this extremely energetic little dog I have swept and dust mopped enough dog hair to stuff a mattress and it keeps given. What's the answer?...great dog food, vitamins, intellectual doggie stimulation ? ...more brushing. or learning how to spin yarn out of dog hair and learn how to knit ?! Alison
  2. LetterSizeFinalFR (3).pdf
  3. Do you want to help animals in the Community but you don't know how?? Come to DOG CAMP and be part of our programs (FOSTER HOMES, VOLUNTEER, RESCUE, ADOPTIONS, SPONSOR, FUNDRAISING EVENTS AND EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM, NEW PROJECTS) DogCamp has 25 dogs and 15 foster homes eawith 17 animals (dogs and cats), so we are helping 46 animals!!! Wowwww IF YOU WANT ADOPT A DOG, COME TO VISIT US!!!! WE HAVE THE PERFECT DOG FOR YOU!! IF YOU CAN NOT WORK WITH OUR PROGRAM BUT YOU WOULD LIKE TO HELP, YOU CAN CONSIDER TO MAKE A DONATION TO DOG CAMP, YOU CAN DO IT USING PAYPAL paypal.me/DogCamp Contact us TODAY!!!! 65638686 / 69659423 dogcampboquete@gmail.com VID-20171214-WA0017.mp4
  4. At this 123rd clinic, Dr. Tello sterilized 58 animals: 24 dogs and 34 cats. This brings our total of dogs and cats sterilized to 4,744. http://spaypanama-chiriqui.org/123rd.html. See photos at https://imgur.com/a/RiIpK1N December will be a short vacation for us. A relief in a way, but sadly, that means that fewer animals will be sterilized until our next clinic on January 20, 2019. (And that clinic is almost full already!) Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to all, and as always, love and hugs and much gratitude to Dr. Andres Tello, our wonderful volunteers, and our donors! This vital work could not be done without them! ------------------------------ Several days before the clinic when I was walking, a man told me that neighbors had moved away and abandoned a female dog. He was worried that this sweet dog would become a "puppy factory." This was near the Nueva California school. I returned home, then went in my car and brought the dog to my house where I have a place to keep a dog separate from my 19 dogs. On clinic day I took her to be spayed. She is young and had never been in heat--and now she will never have puppies! On Monday after the clinic, I took her back to the school. She was very excited and ran to be with the school children again. People in the neighborhood feed her, so she will be fine. ------------------------------------ Also remember: I will help with animals to the best of my ability. Recently someone found a dog in horrible condition—emaciated from hunger, with worst mange I have ever seen (including bleeding sores). He had been hit by a car, had a broken hip on one side and open oozing wounds on the other hip/leg. The dog had a crappy collar around his neck attached to a wire. Someone had apparently tied him up to starve to death and he managed to break loose, only to be hit by a car. The police had sent the woman to my house with the dog. She and her husband put the dog in the crate on the side of my house. I immediately injected him with pain medication, antibiotics, and Vitamin C. I had planned to take him to Dr. Tello at the border, but before I could do so, the dog died during the night. There was a lot of blood on his blanket in the crate, apparently from internal injuries. The only positive with this situation is that at least the poor dog had a warm, dry place to sleep and a full tummy for a couple of days. He ate a LOT of food and he also drank a lot of water. He obviously had been very dehydrated. I have experienced many situations of abuse like this and it always pains my heart deeply. I keep telling myself that I can't save them all, but nevertheless, I can't internalize the fact. My only consolation is that people who abuse animals will burn in hell for eternity! (If you visit me regarding a problem with an animal, please call me in advance, 6517-8752 or whatsapp at 6361-3234. I am cautious about opening my gate when my employee is not present.) ----------------------------- Again, many thanks to all! We will see you in January! Dottie
  5. Yesterday, Sunday September 9th, DogCamp went to check a situation in Alto Jaramillo and donated a bag of dog food for 12 dogs, Maria Luisa Colon Navarro contacted us asking for help.The owner of the dogs is Mr. Guillermo, he has 12 dogs (5 females and 7 males) that are needing to be spay and neuter, we will post pictures of all the dogs and we Will ask for sponsor for each dog. After the surgery all the dogs will be for adoption.If you want to Help, please Contact us 65638686 / dogcampboquete@gmail.comhttps://www.paypal.me/DogCamp 41322564_282639885671611_959663839936373226_n.mp4
  6. DOG CAMP HAS GREAT DOGS WAITING FOR YOU!!! WOULD YOU LIKE TO MEET THEM? COME TO VISIT US!! CONTACT US: 65638686 / 69659423 / dogcampboquete@gmail.com
  7. *DOG CAMP NEEDS YOUR HELP!* *Dog Camp* is a place of rescue and rehabilitation of dogs here in Boquete, to later give them up for adoption and make their future families happy. At this time due to the complaint of a neighbor who does not want the dogs to be there near him, DOG CAMP needs to find good homes for the rescued dogs. Please share the following pictures of the puppies to help find them a temporary or permanent home. **Any interested on helping, please contact Javier or Magaly at 65638686 / 69659423* Thank you!!!!
  8. On May 20, 2018 at our 116th clinic, Dr. Tello spayed/neutered 47 dogs and cats. In addition, Dr. Tello performed several other procedures, including amputation of a dog's leg. http://spaypanama-chiriqui.org/116th.html See the information on my web page about the new law that could mean prison for animal abusers. They recently held a big training session for the Bocas del Toro area about preventing abuse of animals. In a picture, slide shows were presented and dozens of people were in attendance. Also good news is that the corregidurias, political appointees who have no real power, are being replaced by Justices of the Peace. They have more broad-reaching authority, including the power to levy fines and actually order people to jail. The clinics are a full-time job for me, but the work is a project from my heart, something I can't NOT do. I'm still bothered greatly when I see a suffering animal, or a female dog with big milk-filled teats. It's difficult for me to internalize the fact that we can't save them all. But we are making progress, both with the number of dogs and cats spayed/neutered and the fact that Panama is now serious about preventing animal abuse. As I created the web page for this 116th clinic, I happened to look back at the 8th clinic, which was on March 16, 2008-- exactly two years after we began the clinics. I was really excited to have rented the building that I still rent today. It is ideal for our purposes. http://spaypanama-chiriqui.org/Eighth.html. It is a very long web page but interesting to see where we were then and where we are now. As of that date, we had sterilized 378 animals, and to date the number is 4,417. Among the changes since then, the volunteers are all different today. In that web page, I mentioned the costs of certain medications and supplies. Like everything else, those costs are much higher now. And my phone numbers and email address are not the same as then. Also different from the earlier days: I walked door to door all over town each month, handing out literature about the benefits of sterilization and trying to sign people up for appointments. After I was able to stop doing that, then for a long time I put up 60 notices all over town each month, inviting people to register for the next clinic. Now, for a long time, it has been just word of mouth and clinics are full two months in advance. Good news in a way, and in another way, while people wait, puppies and kittens are being born to unsterilized dogs and cats. We will have two clinics in August to try to help this situation. Big thanks to Dr. Andres Tello, to all our volunteers, contributors whether financial or otherwise, and to the people who bring their animals to be sterilized. It is heartwarming to witness so many Panamanians who dearly love their pets! Big hugs, Dottie
  9. We have a group of 10 people from UK working so fast on the Agility project for dogs at DogCamp! Thank you so much to Jim Omer and Amy Brumfield from Boquete Outdoors Adventures, Ma;ana Madera Coffee, Value Motors and Nancy Bourque and his husband Gene for their support with this project!! Come to visit the DOGCAMP!!! 30361557_866376380231378_5475854337693450240_n.mp4
  10. Hello!!! We are working in a new project for the dogs at DogCamp and we need pallets. If you have some of them, would like to donate to us? Please contact us 65638686. Thank you!!
  11. Beautiful female Labrador, 2 years old, spayed and with all her shots. Her owner passed away in David and he didn't have family. Right now she is in a foster for a week. If you would like to meet her please contact us 65638686 / 69659423
  12. Come with your dog and enjoy the day!!! APRIL, SUNDAY 8TH START 9AM Amigos de Animales and DogCamp will be there at the gazebo with coloring books for the kids and the Educational program!!!
  13. How was our day yesterday?? 1. 8.45am Chris McColeman and Pauline Verkley came to walk the dogs, Chiki and Junior. 2. 9.30am Our friend Maureen from Angeles con Colita, came to pick up the cat traps that she borrowed from our friend Zoey Quimby. 3. 10.00am We received a call from our friend Laura Kasparian who was asking for help for a stray dog in the town. We went to get the dog and we notice that dog was very sick. We took the dog to Dr Chely who confirmed that the dog had distemper, so we had to take the sad decision to put sleep the dog?. Is the first time that we do that. Meanwhile Javier was the whole time with the dogs at the DogCamp. 4. 4:00pm we received the visit of our friend Stan, who came to donate two bags of puppy food and one bag of cat food. 5. 4:30pm We received the visit of our friends Amy Brumfield and Jim Omer from Boquete Outdoors Adventures, to prepare the ideas for an oncoming project. 6. 7:00pm We received the visit from our friend Ilona Backeley who came to donate a bag of dog food. 7. 12:30am Sadie, the pregnant dog was birthing her puppies (10 beautiful doggies) If you want to make a donation for these beautiful puppies, we will be at the Tuesday market or you can come to visit the dogs at DogCamp. Thank you!!!!!
  14. PLEASE help us continue to reduce the number of homeless and unwanted dogs and cats in Boquete and surrounding communities by clicking HERE
  15. Thank you so much to our volunteers who were at the BCP today while we were at Panama City! They made a great work selling the DogCamp t-shirts. You can pre-order your DogCamp t-shirt!! Contact us 65638686 / 69659423 /dogcampboquete@gmail.com
  16. Bringing joy is what I do... Happy Easter, Flossy the dog
  17. Thanks to Chris Young and the whole Big Daddy's crew for doing the fundraiser event!! We are happy to see the community more involved in animal wellfare. DogCamp is working so hard every day to help more animals and find the perfect homes for them, 10 dogs were giving in adoption during the last month! Contact us if you want to be part of the DogCamp Team!! And the door prize Winners!!!! First prize: two nights at Big Daddy's Puerto Armuelles Hotel ( winner : Carol Volpe) Second Prize : DogCamp boarding service Two days for free ( winner : Carol Delonis ) thanks !!! Contact us if you want to adopt a dog or cat! 65638686 / dogcampboquete@gmail.com
  18. World Famous FISH Tacos w/ Rice & Beans - Just $10. Proceeds benefit DogCamp THIS Saturday MARCH 24TH, 6 to 9 PM at Big Daddy's. Come Enter to Win 1 of 2 Door Prizes and Help Support DogCamp's Rescue & Recovery of Abused & Abandoned Dogs in Boquete !
  19. Please mark your calendars and attend the Amigos de Animales Annual Meeting on April 14, 2018 from 10:00 a.m. to noon. In addition to sharing information about the organization's finances, monthly clinic, future projects and goals, a membership drive will also occur. Join Amigos de Animales for one year for a $10 fee and receive a FREE T-shirt bearing the A de A logo! Light snacks will be provided
  20. Thank you so much to the New DogCamp Team, Joseph Culleton, Leslie Peever, Claudia Maks and Steve, Debe Emerson and Rod, Sandy Kayser, Ruby McKenzie, Todd Crow, Thanks to Nairn Cutten and Nancy Halbert Cattering for the delicious meal that they cooked and donated for the DogCamp. Yesterday we made 7 pre adoptions and we received 455.00 dollars. What wonderful day! Since the next week, we are going to visit the new forever homes with the dogs! Remember we have more dogs that are waiting for their forever homes! Come to visit them at DogCamp! If you want to make a donation, dog food, vitamins, dog beds, etc. we will be at BCP Tuesday Market, come and talk to us and know more about our mission at the Boquete Community. We are the only group that have a shelter and can help to rescue animals, contact to the corregidora and the police if you can not speak spanish. Next coming event, Big Daddy's, March 24th. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! ONTACT US: Javier Madge: 6965-9423 Magaly Bustamante: 6563-8686 dogcampboquete@gmail.com SUPPORT OUR RESCUE AND ADOPTION ACTIVITIES: Donate funds: GoFundMe Donate food and supplies Visit Dog Camp Boquete Adopt a dog (or two) Make your appointment in the DogCamp Calendar FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA: DogCamp Boquete Blog Facebook Instagram YouTube 10000000_187701998499595_1484014447486828544_n.mp4 28745182_1827189854240537_447766425260523520_n.mp4
  21. Dogs available for adoption! DogCamp has beautiful dogs ready for adoption!!!If you are looking for a new member of the family that will love you forever... So, come tomorrow to the ADOPTION DAY at Amigos de Animales Building, you will see many beautiful dogs spayed, neutered and with all the shots. DogCamp is looking for good homes, totally fenced. If you adopt a rescued dog from the DogCamp, you will have the perfect company in your live. COME AND SPEND TIME WITH NEW FRIENDS AND WITH THE DOGCAMP DOGS, IF YOU WANT, YOU CAN DONATE SOME DOG FOOD (KIRKLAND, DOG CHOW, PEDIGREE)
  22. Yesterday we went to Jaramillo to try to see how we can help a old guy who has 4 dogs and three small puppies, we left dog food for them, the mother of the puppies is small-medium size, she is seven years old and she was pregnant eight times ? We would like to help more but we need to give in adoption the puppies that we have and then we can take the mother and the small puppies. If somebody wants to help with foster, dog food, pay for the blood test to the mother and the other 3 big dogs, no puppies, buy medicines and vitamines, we will receive a donation for a friend who is in Europe, she will pay the spay and neuter cost, we asked to her that please send the amount of spay and neuter directly to the PayPal of Amigos de Animales. Please contact us. Remember that we need the support of the Community to continue helping animals. Magaly 65638686 / Javier 69659423 Thank you so much!!
  23. Hi everyone! We have many puppies and young dogs that are waiting for new homes. Please consider to adopt them, they have a lot of love for you!!! Nairn Cutten and Nancy Halbert will make a delicious meal. Come to see to our furry friends!!! Contact 65638686 / 69659423 / dogcampboquete@gmail.com PLEASE SHARE!!
  24. Volunteers (like you) are CRITICAL to the success of DogCamp! There are about 40 DogCamp rescued dogs longing to be adopted! Caring for all these dogs is expensive and A LOT of work! A regular volunteer team assisting with the chores - feeding, walking, playing, petting, cleaning up, bathing, & laundry will provide DogCamp founders Javier and Magaly more time for the equally important work of training these rescued dogs, training DogCamp volunteers, promoting adoptions, raising money for expenses, educating families about responsible pet ownership, and rescuing more abandoned, abused, and neglected dogs. Just as it takes a village to raise a child – it takes a community of generous people to provide a successful animal rescue organization! The more these rescued dogs interact with caring people from within our community, the more socialized & well mannered they will become, resulting in more dogs being adopted into loving families desiring to properly care for them. We’ve made it easy for you to sign up and join our team! If you’re interested in becoming a part of the great things happening at DogCamp – simply click on the link below or visit our blog at Chiriqui.life and you will be directed to our volunteer calendar. Type in your name (and phone number) for the task and time slot that interests you most. Before your first scheduled day you will be contacted to make sure you have all the information you need and fully understand where DogCamp is located. VOLUNTEER CALENDAR Thank you! We’re looking forward to partnering with you to continue all the great things happening at DogCamp! CONTACT US: Javier Madge: 6965-9423 Magaly Bustamante: 6563-8686 dogcampboquete@gmail.com SUPPORT OUR RESCUE AND ADOPTION ACTIVITIES: Donate funds: GoFundMe Donate food and supplies Visit Dog Camp Boquete Adopt a dog (or two) FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA: Dog Camp Boquete Blog Facebook Instagram YouTube
  25. Dogs available for adoption! DogCamp has beautiful dogs ready for adoption!!!If you are looking for a new member of the family that will love you forever... So, come to the DogCamp, you will see many beautiful dogs spayed, neutered and with all the shots.DogCamp is looking for good homes, totally fenced.If you adopt a rescued dog from the DogCamp, you will have the perfect company in your live.Come to visit us. ???? Wilson, 7 months old, neutered, with all the shots, medium sizeVery sociable, love to play with kids, he needs a fenced yard, he likes the company!!! Bila, 8 months old, spayed with all the shots medium sizeAt the begining she is a little shy, she is perfect with cats and all kind of dogs, she will follow you everywhere!! Brownie, 3 months old, neutered with all the shots, it seems in the future he will be a big dogA cute and sweet puppy, he loves to play all day with the other pups and big dogs, very sociable! Chiki, 2 years old, spayed and with all the shots, small sizeShe is so sweet, she was rescued by our friend in Potrerillos, she was on a chain, no food no water, now she is a happy dog waiting for her new home, she loves to play with cats and is really good with kids!! Ducke, 6 months old, neutered, with all the shots, big sizeVery sweet dog, loves the company, really good with cats and he likes the company of kids Junior, 3 months old, he will be neuter the next Sunday, february 18th at Amigos de Animales Boquete panama, small sizeHe is a great dog, with a big personality, he kiss the cats all the time!!! Mango, 8 months old, neutered with all the shots, medium sizeHe was adopted when he was 3 months old but his owner had to come back to his country, now Mango is available for adoption again Martita, female 3 months old, spayed and with all her shots, small sizeShe is so sweet, the perfect lap dog, she likes to play with kids and cats. Mascarita, 3 months old, spayed and she has all her shots, small sizeShe is very sociable and sweet, likes the company and is great with cats. Maxi, 3 months old, spayed and she has all her shots, small size.She is very sociable, love the company of people. Nazca, spayed, with all her shots, medium size.Very friendly, she is looking for a good home where the people love her!! Nina, 6 months old, lab mix, spayed and with all her shots.Great dog, very sociable with kids and other dogs and cats. Looking for her forever home!! Pancha, 14 years old, she was rescued at Finca Lerida, great dog with, very sweet.If you are looking for an old dog, she is the perfect match!!! Give to her an opportunity to have a human family! Pepe, 6 months old, neutered, he has all his shots, medium size.He is a great and sweet dog, loves the people and the company, a very friendly dog Rodri, male, 3 months old, one of the puppies from Pancha, neutered and has all his shots.Very friendly, loves to play and run all the time, is perfect with kids and loves to play with the cats. Rosita, 3 months old, one of the puppies from Pancha, spayed and she has all her shots. She is a lovely dog with a beautiful face.She will be a big dog Rottie, 3 months old, one of the puppies from Pancha, he is neutered and he has all his shots.Love to play all day, and he loves the kids and cats too Torito, 3 months old, one of the puppies from Pancha, neutered and with all his shots.He is soooooo sweet black dog, the perfect company, he is like a Labrador. Betty, 3 months old, spayed and with all her shots, She is so cute, perfect with big dogs, cats and likes to play with kids.
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