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    Please go to www.rodnydirect.com and fill out your personal profile before coming in to sign up. It will save you a lot of time.
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    For those of you who would like to sign up for Rodny Direct helpline services, he will be at the Health Fair on Sunday. It will save you time if you go to his web site and fill out your personal profile before coming down to meet with him.
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    For faster service when you are signing up, please first go to: Rodnydirect.com and fill out your personal profile. That will save the time of doing it on Thursday
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    Thursday August 9, 2pm - 4:30 Questions? info@rodnydirect.com
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    Sign up to join Rodny Direct this Friday, March 2 from 11am to 4pm at the Garden Restaurant
  6. The Hospital Cooperativo discount plan was never available through Rodny Direct. You can buy the Cooperativo plan directly from the hospital or or through Bob Gregory.
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  8. Sign up by clicking here: www.rodnydirect.com
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  10. I have learned that last night around 3AM, a golden retriever was stolen from a resident in Oriana. There were clear signs of a break in through the fence. Two other dogs were not taken. None of the dogs woke up the owners. If you know of his whereabouts, please contact the owner or call me at 6446-8850 and I will pass your information to the owner. Rodny
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    Thursday, July 13, 10am - 3pm At the Fenix Cafe in BCP
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    Check out our member Medical Discounts No up front fees! Quality medical care Discounts on MRI, CAT Scan, Lab, Hospital and more at Hospital Mae Lewis and Alpha Medical Clinic in Boquete Learn more or sign up online at rodnydirect.com www.RodnyDirect.com
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