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    To save time pre-register at www.rodnydirect.com
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    Sign up for Rodny Direct Helpline service For faster service, please go to RodnyDirect.com to pre-register This will greatly speed up your registration when you meet with Rodny on Friday
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    For faster service when you are signing up, please first go to: Rodnydirect.com and fill out your personal profile. That will save the time of doing it on Thursday
  4. The Hospital Cooperativo discount plan was never available through Rodny Direct. You can buy the Cooperativo plan directly from the hospital or or through Bob Gregory.
  5. Sign up by clicking here: www.rodnydirect.com
  6. I have learned that last night around 3AM, a golden retriever was stolen from a resident in Oriana. There were clear signs of a break in through the fence. Two other dogs were not taken. None of the dogs woke up the owners. If you know of his whereabouts, please contact the owner or call me at 6446-8850 and I will pass your information to the owner. Rodny
  7. Boquete's First Poodle - Booca - Looking resplendent in his silver chain collar, contrasting black carabiner and new Rodny Direct hardwood custom-engraved ID tag. Rodny Direct members exclusive - $10 for the first one, $5 each for additional - dog and collar not included. Back side can be customized to your liking Also works great for your keychain! RodnyDirect.com
  9. Sent to Rodny Direct members yesterday First of all, we want to wish every one of our members, new and old, and everyone in the Boquete community, a great Christmas and New Year. We have been blessed with a relatively quiet 2016 crime scene in Boquete. However, Christmas is prime time for robbers and burglars, so we need to pass on some important information for your safety. Thanks to the Panamanian grapevine, I have learned that Panama City gangs are organizing to attack both Panamanian and expat homes in Chiriqui over the Christmas - New Years holidays. The police are well aware of this problem and are beefing up their defenses. You need to do the same. We know, for example, that the gangs are recruiting local youths to act as spotters - to identify vulnerable residences and watch the activities of the residents. When you leave for that Christmas party, the spotter calls it in and you come home to find your Christmas big screen gone. Be very aware of who might be watching your house and especially who sees you coming and going. No car in the driveway is a dead giveaway that all the owners are gone. Return of Slim to Las Brisas Some of you might remember earlier this year that a very thin robber entered an occupied house in Emerald Drive through a one foot square opening in otherwise very secure burglar bars. Subsequently, several burglaries were attempted, apparently by The Slim Gang. Alert residents spotted and photographed some presumed gang members and their activity dropped off. Last weekend, Gwen Manning, one of the first and most stalwart members of Rodny Direct, had her house attacked at 1:30 in the morning while she was home and awake, packing for a trip. She found a very tall, thin robber, dressed all in black, reaching through her burglar bars and using a long stick to fish out her purse (empty). Gwen is no shrinking violet and is well prepared. She immediately grabbed her community alert walkie-talkie and summoned help. You can read the rest in her attached report, which is excellent, detailed and a model for a crime report. She has agreed to let me publish it for the benefit of the community. The key to being safe in your house is knowing when anyone enters your yard or approaches your house. Security lights, simple perimeter alarms and controlled access are all effective ways of making sure you are never surprised. Be safe and have a merry Christmas, Rodny Moreno Fuentes President, Rodny Direct ATTEMPTED ROBBERY IN BRISAS.pdf
  10. Hi Dottie, Thank you very much for your renewal and I am sorry to took a couple of days. For the benefit of others who might have questions about their membership, please feel free to call the Helpline number and talk directly to me. I enjoy hearing from you. Best wishes and I look forward to serving you in the coming year, Rodny
  11. December 16, 2016 For immediate release Rodny Direct Member Services announces: Health Discount Benefits for Rodny Direct members and their families Hospital Mae Lewis is offering Rodny Direct members a 20% discount on all hospital services, such as room rates, MRIs, ultrasounds, CAT scans, X-rays, lab work and more. It costs you nothing above your normal $80 annual Rodny Direct membership. This 20% discount is valid for all Rodny Direct members regardless of pre-exiting conditions or age. There is a 22% discount on the list price of medications. The discounts include the normal jubilado discount. But for those who are not jubilado, the full 20% is in effect. These discounts at Mae Lewis hospital begin January 1, 2017 and will be reviewed as to success in April 2017. Mae Lewis reserves the right to cancel the program on May 1, 2017. However, if the program succeeds as we expect, it will be continued thereafter. You may know that Rodny works closely with Irma Castillo Smith from Keep It Simple Panama to put this program in place and help manage hospital issues. Her consulting fee is $25 per hour, discounted to $15 for Rodny Direct members with the first hour free. Irma can also work for you as an advocate to obtain discounts from physicians who are not currently part of this plan. Rodny is not authorized to publish the Mae Lewis price list, but if you need prices for procedures, call Irma or Gloria. They have all the current information. This discount program is the first that we are announcing. It is possible because of your power as part of the Rodny Direct membership group. It costs you nothing above your normal $80 annual Rodny Direct membership. Summary: Hospital Mae Lewis - All hospital-provided services are discounted for Rodny Direct members - including pharmacy, MRI and CAT scans, room rates etc. No additional charge to RD members Covers your entire family under your $80 per year Rodny Direct membership Class A facilities, English-speaking staff No age or pre-existing condition restrictions In association with Keep It Simple Panama, your personal medical advocate if you so desire Simple, secure, professional online registration - no paperwork or Spanish contract to sign Rodny Moreno Fuentes President, Rodny Direct 6573-0141 Irma Castillo Smith President Keep It Simple Panama 6716-2843 Gloria Martinez Customer Service Manager Keep It Simple Panama 730 5263 or 730 5960 ***************************** How to register 1) You can register online at rodnydirect.com. The process takes less than 10 minutes. Any questions while you are registering, call Rodny at 6573-0141. There is no contract to sign. 2) If you prefer, email info@rodnydirect.com and we will set up an appointment to register you in person. 3) Once you are registered, and your payment received, you will automatically receive an authorization document listing your family members to be used when claiming discounts as a Rodny Direct member.
  12. Necesitamos alertar a todos los residentes de Alto Boquete sobre la actividad confirmada de una banda de robo que opera en este sector. Según los informes, han sido responsables de más de 6 robos de viviendas de propiedad panameños en la zona. La policía está investigando, pero necesita su ayuda. Si ve algo fuera de lo común, por favor llame inmediatamente a la Policía Nacional al 104 o 720-2145. Su información será confidencial. Se sospecha que la pandilla está usando una camioneta con equipo de jardinería en el vagón. Creemos que están utilizando esto como una fachada para identificar las casas que pueden ser robadas mientras los dueños no están. Si usted ve este pick up sospechoso, o se acercan a ofrecerle servicios de jardinería, o cualquier otra cosa sospechosa, tome una foto del pick up y la placa. Y llame al 104 o 720-2145 En particular, usted necesita obtener cédulas de cualquier trabajador en su propiedad. Y tenga precaución de personas tatuadas que pueden pertenecer a pandillas. Esto es muy importante. ¡Gracias de antemano por tu ayuda! Los ciudadanos alertas han impedido muchos casos como estos en el pasado.
  13. Because of the power outage last week, the Rodny Direct Tuesday Talk at the BCP Theater will happen at 10:30am November 8 The talk will include discussion of insurance options through Rodny Direct www.rodnydirect.com
  14. One of the great strengths of the Rodny Direct Helpline service is its association with the Panama Helpline in Coronado. Both organizations use the same professional database technology and are inter-operable so that one system can back up the other. Last Friday, October, 29, Rodny, doing night backup for Panama Helpline, received a call at 10:42PM from a member who reported a robber attempting to break into their home. With their Coronado resident ID, Rodny was able to call the Coronado police and direct them immediately to the scene of the crime in progress. The robbery was foiled and once again demonstrates the robustness and value of the Rodny Direct Helpline system.
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