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  1. Sorry I wasn't clear. I may be wrong, but I believe there was a scheduled BCP Tuesday talk by a law firm on the subject sometime in the last year on that subject. That was my reference. Afterword: It apparently wasn't podcasted. The talk was by Mossack and Fonseca on May 29 this year. CL did publish the PDF materials from that talk, which I did find.
  2. Wasn't there a podcast on Wills and Living Wills?
  3. Thanks. Will keep waiting then. Unusual since it's always been April, but with the current chaos, who knows when they'll be issued.
  4. The biennial Proof of Life forms are usually mailed out in April. This is my year but haven't received. Anyone heard a word on when/if they'll be issued?
  5. Absolutely. Same thing happened in the 50's-60's in Santa Fe and Taos. Folks get offered big bucks (more than they'll ever see over a lifetime) for their property so they sell and find out too late it'll take as much or more to buy something equal. Prices skyrocket on everything (economic domino effect). Both towns are now only for the very well to do.
  6. Talked with him yesterday. It was a coral. One killed his other weimeraner 4 years ago.
  7. Pederhaney

    Climate Change and Coffee

    Talking about climate change this morning: coffee bushes in flower here...quite early it seems.
  8. I'd love to find Kaiser rolls too. I'm also looking for unsweetened dinner rolls, similar to Mexican Bolillos, with a crispy exterior and fluffy interior. The dinner rolls here seem to be slightly sweet.
  9. Pederhaney

    PriceSmart's private labels

    My 7 year old, very picky rescue Shepusky was raised on Kirkland and refuses any other brand. I wish they would consider stocking both...I'd like her to live another 7.
  10. Whoa! Is that poutine? If it was good, I might kill for it!
  11. This is beginning to sound like a Boquete Medical Associates/Keep It Simple Panama referral list.
  12. Yep. Saw that. Prices for the Davíd services. Was inquiring about the cost of the service Bud had done at his home in Boquete.
  13. Many times it was the same "bags inside and outside" scenario in their former location in upper Boquete. It's a case of too few hands for too many bags...and bags being dropped off outside the fence after hours. They do catch up and are willing, friendly and, most importantly, sincere about their business. We need them. No other options have become available. (Anyone ever hear anything again about the wondrous pick up of plastics that was announced as in place a few weeks ago? NADA)
  14. Pederhaney

    Need new glasses/prescription

    Julio at Optica Lopez. Professional, friendly, technically proficient.
  15. Pederhaney

    November = Snakes

    Th What I killed was a snake, venomous or not, inside my house. I don't need a herpetology degree or any outside snarky assessment to know that I did the right thing - for me and mine. Having lived here for over 12 years, I'm well aware of what living creatures inhabit this area. Your lecture has fallen on deaf-by-choice, not uneducated, ears.
  16. Pederhaney

    November = Snakes

    November is tradionally snake month here. Started out with a bang this morning. Coral snake inside the security door wound around the latch box. Now coffee fertilizer.
  17. Pederhaney

    November = Snakes

    I've heard milk snake or false coral. Two Panamanian old-timers say serpiente venenosa...peligroso...after viewing the remains. I take no chances especially with the area outdoors around the house where my dog roams. After Eric (Cajun Eric of 'Two Guys and a Cooler) lost his weimeraner to a coral a couple of years ago, I've been ever vigilant. Dogs, unlike cats, want to inspect up close and personal and sniffing or trying to play may bring disaster. Have now dispatched 5. The corals, true or false seem to be more at home in the Palo Alto-Alto Lino area...like the fer de lance are more prevalent in Brisas. True or false...it was inside wrapped around the security latch - inside. And dropped to the floor - inside. Inside = death. No wiggle room (pardon the pun). Now the true or false coral is doing a great job as coffee fertilizer.
  18. Cucalon is still wearing his hospital ID bracelet...refusing to let go of the good times, I guess!
  19. The Deli Baru store on Ave. Central closed at 9 am today and will re-open on May 5 in their new location on Ave. Centenario.