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  1. I didn't know Mezcla had breakfast either. Great news because we enjoy them for lunch!
  2. An Alta Al Crimen Report To Boquete

    OkOk I read (most of) it three times but I can't see the actual last date of operation for AaC. Dec 31 maybe, based on the fact that payment is due to Rodney on Jan 1.
  3. In the same strip mall with Dorado's market and fereteria. Right at the end. Great place for breakfast or lunch. One of the gals speaks perfect English, if you need.
  4. Take my word for it Penny, Nacional's breakfast is really awful. And if the food didn't make it bad enough, the fact that they don't refill when it runs low makes it even worse. We ate at Ciudad de David a couple of weeks ago and it was really good. Not cheap, but good. And it's buffet, so no waiting. Also, Olga's at Alto is good, and so CHEAP. Yummy hojaldres too
  5. Hotel Nacional used to be good, but now it is just so bad 🤢 Hotel Ciudad de David is good. No chance in hell I'm eating at McD's. Id rather eat a pbj at home.
  6. What a day to wash all the bedding. I've got a nice clean and dry mattress pad, wet sheets in the dryer and a half washed comforter in the washer.
  7. Clinica y Farmacia Veterinaria San José #2,

    Someone told me today that the new vet was not licensed to practice in Panama and is no longer there.
  8. I can understand your confusion about that but I don't think Howard is affiliated with the recycle center. I think he is just trying to drive business their way so they don't disappear.
  9. I wasn't confused at all. They closed and then they opened in the new spot they said they would open at. Anyone who asked knew that it would take them a few weeks to get set up. I'm not sure who "too many people" are. The only thing I've seen is Howard trying to get them visibility and support.
  10. Patches needs your support!

    ARF has no fosters homes available. This is why I have not filed a denuncia against my neighbors. I have no idea what would happen to the dog if she were confiscated. It's better that she stay with them so I can feed her and keep an eye on her.
  11. Patches needs your support!

    Where do these surrendered animals go? Surely the Corregador is not taking them home.
  12. Wow, I keep reading this post and it really scares me that someone admits they know nothing about Sharia law and then proceeds to "inform" themselves by watching YouTube videos. What the hell! Friggin read some books, pick up an unbiased newspaper, talk to an average Muslim. In other words... Educate yourself! And YouTube doesn't count. Jeebus😲
  13. Dottie, what country are you referring to that allows their laws to be overridden by any group?
  14. I call it your self imposed quota. For years in human resources our ratio ran above or below. We documented all interviews with experience, fit, knowledge etc for each candidate with documented feedback of all interviewers. We never failed an audit in 20 years. Use this best practice and don't pull any shady crap and you won't lose.