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  1. until

    The post says 7:30-8:30. The flyer says 8:30 to 9:30. I'm in! Just let me know the correct start time.
  2. No boots? No partner? No problem! Learn the Reggae Cowboy line dance at Skateworld's Honkey tonk night. Tonight from 5-6 will be instruction on the Reggae Cowboy line dance. From 6-9 you can show off your new found dance skills. There will also be time for review of the Tush Push, Electric Slide and Cowboy Cha Cha. You may even find there's someone to teach you a simple two step couples dance. Beginners welcome! (Most of us are) It's so fun and only $1 per person. Join us on Wednesdays!
  3. The liquor prices at Seasons are very high and that's why we only go for lunch. The wine prices are ridiculous. Agreed, it was a lovely afternoon and for a good cause though.
  4. Just north of Casa de Jamon, on the same side of the street. They share a building with Angel's coffee. If you are headed into Boquete, just after you pass Alto Dorado, look on the right side of the road.
  5. Yes, glad to see the hydroponic lettuce at Dorado too. Don't forget to try Caballero for fruit and veggies. I'd hate to see them close because they don't get business.
  6. Lately I've been shopping at Caballeros fruit and veggie mercado located next to Angels coffee, just north of Casa de Jamon on the same side of the street. They are small but have had everything I needed when I've stopped by. I have never seen anyone else in there during my visits. So happy not to have to drive to town every time I need veggies. Also, and this is BIG NEWS (at least for me,) Melissa is having a debit machine installed at Alto Dorado!! It is sitting in the panaderia just waiting for internet and security to set it up. She said it may be a few more weeks before it's up and running. No more driving into town for cash. My life is now complete. Yipeeeeee
  7. Does anyone know where We can go to get a keypad lock system? And installed.
  8. Is there an office in Boquete to get a permit to cut a tree down?
  9. The cooking class is at Casa de Montana, not BCP, according to the announcement.
  10. Would be $50 X 18 (months) = $900, no? Since you get the initial 6 months as a tourist. Still costly if you get caught driving though.
  11. Scared me there for a minute. If Casa de Jamon closes, I may just die 😮
  12. We've gone to the Wednesday night honkey tonk-two stepping-line dancing -country music night at Skateworld twice now. What a great time! There's no need to know what your doing. Both nights there were people willing to show us some moves. And there's line dancing too with a few people offering to instruct so you don't need a partner. What a great date night for only $2 ($1 each.) Great music, fun dancing, and CHEAP!
  13. Does anyone know where I can go to arrange to have keypad locks installed?