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  1. It doesn't sound anything like IL too me. IL is targeted toward people looking to live internationally. This new site appears to be focused on events and classifieds. I don't see the parallel.
  2. Who cares? In the States if you want to sell your car you can post it in your local newspaper, on Craigslist, auto trader, cars.com, and any number of other places. And if you want to know what's happening in your area you check Facebook, your local newspaper, listen to the radio or whatever else. In my opinion, if All About Boquete continues pushing their site the way they have been, more people will go in that direction. Right now they appear to be very busy getting visibility. Honestly, if I were going to rent my house today, I'd post it there.
  3. It's unfortunate. But the food is really good and if you can get one of the outside tables it's great. They also package food to go. The music was loud but not of a particularly annoying genre, in my opinion. I just don't get the lights.
  4. I stopped by Pokotitos at San Francisco plaza tonight for a quick dinner on my own. Here are my observations. Why I would go back: Vegetarian options, yaay! Very friendly! Great food! Good pricing! What I didn't like: Strobe lights Loud music Conclusion: I like this place. I ordered vegetarian spaghetti, two glasses of wine and a brownie with ice cream for $16. I also got a small bowl of delicious steamed potatoes before my meal. I didn't order them and saw them being delivered to each table, so maybe it's a thing.There are two outside tables which will save you from the loud music and strobe lights. It's close to my house, affordable and has plenty of vegetarian options. I will definitely go again. For my own reason, I do not eat at The Garden so it's nice to have an alternative in the plaza.
  5. It works be nice to get some feedback from anyone who tries or has tried it.
  6. Wango Tango Shuttles. I have no personal knowledge but saw the Facebook post https://www.facebook.com/groups/272307446243305/permalink/902888966518480/?sale_post_id=902888966518480
  7. Non-Cents

    Do they charge a percentage as a fee?
  8. Pharmacies and Prescription Drugs

    Thanks again Judy. We do keep pred on hand for when he's particularly bad. I've never known anyone else who had an asthmatic cat!
  9. Pharmacies and Prescription Drugs

    LOL, well he is a weirdo and I would miss him. But, no, the cat.
  10. Pharmacies and Prescription Drugs

    Thanks Judy! I do use Ventolin as a rescue inhaler but he needs the Flovent daily or he goes right back into having severe attacks. I have not tried Beclate however, so I'll research it. Thanks for recommending! He's come close to dying a few times over the years, poor buddy. I'd really miss the weirdo
  11. Evening of Strings and Winds


    July 22, not 18.
  12. Pharmacies and Prescription Drugs

    Is Avilla a pharmacy? I've tried to get Flovent at Any, Revilla, and Danka. No go. I have to go to Rey in David to get them.
  13. CO2 and skin odor have nothing to do with where they breed. Some research has shown preference of odors to who/where they bite.
  14. It depends. Mosquitoes are attracted to water in order to lay their eggs. They breed in standing water, black grey, clear, whatever, but not water that is being disturbed, such as on streets where cars are driving through. They lay their eggs at the edge of standing water. Moving water will scour away the larvae, so not a great breeding ground. I'm not an entomologist but I have been involved in Dengue research with some anecdotal exposure to Zika and Chikungunya via my colleagues and have some knowledge of the mosquitoes that carry the diseases.
  15. No, zika, malaria and dengue are mosquito borne viruses. They cannot be transmitted via sewage. The only caviat, is there are a couple of instances where it seems that zika may have been transmitted through sexual contact and so I will not rule out other modes of transmission until further research is done.