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  1. I have 40 stamps I'll bring. Just replace them for me later.
  2. I don't think donuts are a breakfast thing here. Seems to be more of a sweet treat.
  3. As I recall, the last time I took the bus from Albrook, a card or token was necessary to go through the turnstile. Is that still a thing? If so, how do you get one? I was caught off guard but a nice couple helped me out.
  4. Found Adorable Kitten

    Some may not know that ARF and Martha have partnered to sterilize 5 stray cats per month from Finca Lerida. Kat, there are so many stray cats of every flavor that it's virtually impossible to tell where they came from 😧
  5. Found Adorable Kitten

    Jefe is probably 6-8 months. Who knows where he came from but he'd been showing up at some people's house for food and they couldn't keep him. He'll be neutered Sunday and then up for adoption. He's super sweet and very playful.
  6. Found Adorable Kitten

    Ha, I think I have it's twin brother, Jefe. Rescued last week from volcancito.
  7. Found Adorable Kitten

    Can you tell if kitty has been sterilized? There would be a small tattoo of little dots in it's ear. If not, my guess is no one will claim it.
  8. New Recycle Center: Boquete R.R.R.

    This project was a huge undertaking. This hiccup had some consequences like many first time projects do. You regroup and move on knowing you'll never make THAT mistake again. I applaud the effort and look forward to seeing how it grows!
  9. We'll miss spending time with Inga at movie night at the Panamonte. What a lovely lady.
  10. Hello knitters, I have a small bag of assorted yarns. Where can I take it?
  11. The FDA doesn't have control over what hits the world market. FDA approval does not mean approval worldwide at all. Quite the opposite, companies apply to individual countries for approval of their product.
  12. This doesn't make sense because big money in pharma is never immediate. It's many years, perhaps decades, of research away. And it's never predicable. I've seen products reach phase 3 trials and never be approved. Not one penny of profit for millions spent. It's not unusual.
  13. I have to mostly disagree, Keith. The research scientists I worked with made an average of $60k per year at PhD level! They worked weekends and nights if their experiments required it. Often, they were stuck in labs pipetting for hours under a hood. They were the most passionate people I have ever worked with. I witnessed their excitement and joy when products went into clinical trials and finally to market after years of painstaking work. These people were of the highest standard and would never compromise their work. I've seen experiments scrapped because of one small misstep. These are the research people and their motives were always altruistic. Of course it's an industry, what non profit has the kind of money it takes to bring a product to market? The cost of clinical trials is astronomical. Abiding by FDA and other regulatory agencies is costly. What's the alternative? Abandon clinical trials? Ditch the FDA? These are all the things that help to be sure the drugs we use are as safe as possible. Bonnie is right, we could help lowers cost by streamlining our healthcare and insurance systems. The pharmaceutical industry gets a bad wrap. Are there issues, yes. But they are few in comparison to the lifesaving products they bring us.
  14. You think they came up with the polio vaccine so they could lose money? How about whopping cough? Typhoid? Malaria? I can go on. Personally, I'd pay a hell of a lot more money to be cured than go through rounds of treatments only to extend my life.
  15. Thank you! There are plenty of scientists working for non profits on cancer research without a financial motive. And anyone who comes up with a cure for any cancer will be a world wide success and make crap loads of money. The reality is that scientists are very slowly starting to use the word "cure" for a handful of cancers like thyroid, testicular and a few others. These cancers have recovery rates in the high 90 percentiles now. If I'm not mistaken, even early diagnosed breast cancer has a recovery rate in the 90% range. Science is amazing!