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  1. Five rooms, so a max of ten residents with two to a room. Not sure about the bathrooms.
  2. Penny, do you know if the next one will be the full presentation? I've attended two but they have both been the abbreviated version. Excellent information at both, but would like to get the whole enchilada.
  3. The street at Mandarin (Calle 2a) It's right on the corner of Calle 2a and Centenario, so a full block behind Mandarin
  4. I just stopped by Milan Italia the new cafe next to Movistar. The owner is Mauricio and his son Jordon is barista. I got a delicious coffee ($2) and some macaron made by Mauricio's wife ( .60 each.) They also had tiramisu, croissant, focaccia, and lots more in addition to the menu items. I attached a copy of the menu. Today was their first day open. I will definitely return. I believe they are open 7 (or 7:30) to 5:30. I forgot to check the days they are closed, I was so excited!
  5. We used him several years ago for the purchase of our home and to set up a corporation. No issues at all.
  6. I do always tip the baggers and, depending on the store, they carry them out or use a different type of cart to take them to my car.
  7. Spiro told me that they make the checkout lines narrow so that one doesn't have to worry about pushing the cart through. "Just call out to have an employee get your cart" he said. Ha ha ha, next time you hear me yell for help, don't worry, just need my cart moved.
  8. Maybe put a couple of posts before the exit doors that are narrower than the carts? Or pay another guy (in addition to the entry door guy and the parking lot guy) to police the carts? Though I notice the small carts go through no problem. Interesting that we saw a Baru employee rescuing a cart back to the store from Central Park.
  9. To Yeah, real helpful at the UNLOADING side. My favorite thing to do is try to get rid of my cart with 3 people with similar carts behind me, while I have my groceries on the belt and run off to put my cart away and then try to squeeze back in to line. The alternative is to leave your cart there and let them pile up. The"kids" are not helpful in this situation.
  10. Why, oh why, do they not make the registers wide enough to push a cart through?
  11. I misspoke, and it wasn't the newslady herself who gave me a verbal thrashing for opining about news.boquete, but rather her fans. And to avoid rehashing that moment, let me say that I enjoy the majority of the content 😁
  12. Oh dear Bonnie. I walked this road last year and was lambasted for daring to criticize some of the content of Boquete News.
  13. I've parked there for more than two weeks a few times. No problems. I park out behind the car rental agencies in the unpaved area, not in the close in lot.
  14. I need to have a fiberglass arm cast removed from a surgery I had in the States. Is there a doc in Boquete who has the tool to remove it, or must I go to David? Judi
  15. until

    The post says 7:30-8:30. The flyer says 8:30 to 9:30. I'm in! Just let me know the correct start time.