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  1. Keep in mind, any event that occurs while receiving a treatment or medication is considered an adverse event but it's not necessarily causal. For instance, if you get this vaccine, then go out for a nice spicy Mexican dinner which is followed by a case of heartburn, that heartburn will be considered an adverse event.
  2. "Daily service starting at 1:00" So $60 for a half day. If they get customers, I'm quitting my day job and will charge $50 for the same service starting at 8am. 🤦
  3. Jeebus! $60 to pick up groceries? My grocery bill is only $40 a week. And $60 for house and pet sitting? I've been using the same amazing person for seven years for $20 per day.
  4. We'll see if the kitchen staffs of all three can produce food of consistent quality. Kudos if they do.
  5. How many restaurants is Chris running now? Two Big Daddies and now this one. It'll be interesting to see if enough qualified staff can be recruited to have quality at all three.
  6. PriceSmart's private labels

    I prefer the bucket anyway. We reuse them or give them away. The plastic bags just end up in the trash, though possibly the new recycle center would take them. Our cat seems to have made the transition to the new litter without complaint.
  7. The small feline paper shredder in the video is available for free. 😸 His name is Jefe and he's available for adoption through Salvadores de Animals. Only the most brave need need apply. VID_20180214_095817.mp4
  8. OMG! Our cycling buddy. We're heartbroken.
  9. This name is much better suited to the area. Nice!
  10. Bartleby, hopefully you will walk away from this with a desire to be a little more informed before you make these kinds of accusations. Yes, your symptoms could have been caused by coliform bacteria in tea or a myriad of other things, like touching a contaminated surface. Since you have acknowledged that you are not sure of the source of your illness this discussion should be deleted.
  11. You're wrong on this. I have spent years working in virology research and your experience doesn't pass muster, I'm afraid. The odds are overwhelmingly in favor of the restaurant, based on your testimony.
  12. If you had discomfort on leaving the restaurant, your problem started elsewhere. Gastroenterotis does not become symptomatic so quickly. I'm not sure what you think you job is, but defaming a business based on uneducated supposition is pretty reckless.
  13. The problem is that you have no idea what you had or where you got it! You are being completely irresponsible blaming a business when you have no clue what the issue really was.