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  1. Today there were only 4 VIP tickets available. Get yourself to Mailboxes Etc and get yours before they are gone! If you missed the VIP, don't despair, there are general admission tickets still available at Mailboxes Etc., The Clubhouse or the Tuesday market. Come and Support Salvadores de Animales. Your ticket purchase will go a long way to helping the animals in our area!
  2. We have a sax player and a violin player (not together). While not necessarily designed for dancing, feel free to get your groove on!
  3. Top Cat and Tails Wine Tasting Gala Benafitting Salvadores de Animales June 2nd At the Clubhouse at the BCP Two amazing items will be raffled at the Top Cat and Tails Wine Tasting event June 2nd. You do not need to be present to win. Only 75 raffle tickets will be sold for each item increasing your chance to win! Raffle tickets on sale starting Tuesday May 8th at the BCP and at the Clubhouse during business hours. * One bottle of Louis Roederer Champagne Cristal Brut-Value $550 Donated by Frank Major/$10 per ticket. Only 75 tickets will be sold! * One Bottle Panamonte Reserve XXV Rum- Value $500 Donated by Jim Wasson/$10 per ticket. Only 75 tickets will be sold! Through May 15, event tickets are eligible for the early bird $10 discount. A few VIP tickets are still available. Attendance to the VIP event is limited to only 50 people and gives you access to the entire 3 hour event. Event tickets are available at the Tuesday Market, The Clubhouse and Mailboxes Etc. Help Salvadores de Animales help the animals and enjoy a gala event at the same time. Lots of wines to taste, delectable tapas, live music, and more. Take advantage of the early bird discount! VIP- $30 Early bird/After May 15 $40 General Admission- Early Bird $20/After May 15 $30
  4. Salvadores de Animales will now be offering microchips for your dogs and cats. These are "ISO" chips that can be registered and read anywhere in the world. We are offering the chips for $25. It all starts with education and our goal is to expand this to all of Panama. We are very happy to introduce this program. If you have a pet already microchipped and would like to check the chip, there will be no charge to have your pet scanned. If you would like more information on this service contact http://www.saldea.org/contact.html. We will be happy to answer any questions.
  5. Serge and Benedict both are in need of foster homes. Serge is a homeless dog from The Springs development. He has been fed by people in the area who are leaving Panama in 10 days. Without a foster, Serge will be on his own!Benedict has started showing up downtown and is being fed by a shopkeeper. Benedict is not very street smart and is likely to be hit by a car if he is not taken off the streets soon.Both dogs are friendly. They both need to be seen by a vet and sterilized. Once these boys have health checks and are sterilized, they can enter our rehabilitation program and be on their way to a permanent home. When you foster a cat or dog for Salvadores de Animales, our volunteers can provide transportation to vet appointments. We pay for vet bills and provide food. Our experienced trainers will assist in the animals in their transition to their foster home and will be in constant contact to offer support. Can you help Salvadores help these dogs by providing a short term home for one or both? Contact Salvadores at saldeapanama@gmail.com
  6. Salvadores de Animales was contacted by a man who found a puppy and could not care for him. One of our volunteers met with the man and was able to remove the puppy, now named Salvador! This poor pup shows a lot of fear and has been taken in to our foster rehabilitation program. Salvador needs to be seen by a vet and will be sterilized at the next clinic. He will also begin a comprehensive program with one of our trainers and we are confident he will be able to overcome his fears. Click the link below to see a video of his rescue and learn how you can donate to help Salvador and other dogs like him. https://youtu.be/ZeU5kTyj2eI http://www.saldea.org/donate.html
  7. ***Urgent Help Needed*** These three small kittens were found alone and abandoned on the streets of David. They are seriously malnourished and dehydrated. We have taken them to the vet for fluids and they are now receiving special formula and food to help them recover. We are having to continue fluids and we are hoping there is no permanent damage. If you can donate anything to help with the care of these kittens anything would be so appreciated. Please come by our booth at the Tuesday Market or donate online through our PayPal donate button at www.saldea.org/donate Please share and help these kittens by donating anything you can. Thanks
  8. Salvadores de Animals can assist you in these situations. We have bilingual volunteers who will help you navigate the system. We are familiar with the authorities and the laws protecting animals in Panama. Do not hesitate to contact us. We will determine if any laws are being broken. If no laws are being broken, we will work with the owners to try to make the situation better for the animal. Our goal is not to just take animals, but rather to educate owners and give them a chance to rectify the situation. Contact us at saldeapanama@gmail.com
  9. As of today, ARF will become Salvadores de Animales. This name change will allow us to better connect with the Panamanian community and present ourselves with a name that is both recognizable and identifiable. By rebranding ourselves as Salvadores de Animales we look forward to being able to increase our visibility within the local community, expand our outreach efforts and grow our volunteer base. In addition, this name change will coincide with a change of our organizational structure. To find out more about our changes and check out our new webpage please follow this link: http://www.saldea.org/news.html?lang=en Organizational Announcement SALDEA.pdf
  10. When you foster for ARF you'll be rewarded with some furry companionship that can't be matched! You can foster for a predetermined time or until we find a forever home. Perhaps you'll become a foster failure and decide that your foster cat or dog is your best friend. Often, we are looking for fosters for orphaned kittens or puppies who require special care. We may have a dog or cat who requires socialization. We also have animals who are healthy and happy and are only looking for a place to stay. If you become a foster, ARF provides all the necessary food and supplies for the animal. ARF also manages and pays for all medical care. We can even arrange for a volunteer to transport the animal to vet visits and deliver food to your home. So if you don't have a car, no problem! All we ask from our fosters is to provide a safe and loving home for the cat or dog to live until we find a forever home. Please consider fostering for ARF. Contact us at arf.boquete@gmail.com to learn about how you can help. You won't be sorry! ARF is the only community based, non-profit, all volunteer rescue organization dedicated solely to the rescue, foster and adoption of animals in the Boquete area.
  11. Jimmie needs a foster or forever home very quickly. He is a 1yr old very easy going, happy-go-lucky lucky fellow. If you're looking for a sweet dog who learns commands easily, loves kids, cats and other dogs, Jimmie is your guy. He likes to fetch and follow you around "helping". He enjoys car rides and walks too! He's neutered and vaccinated. If you're able to offer Jimmie a home, temporary or permanent, contact ARF at arf.boquete@gmail.com or visit us at our INSIDE table at the Tuesday Market. Jimmie would make a great addition to any family!
  12. Have a Heart this February and donate a bag or two of cat or dog food during our Food Drive. We'll be in the Parking lot at the BCP/Tuesday Market from 9-Noon this week. Look for the ARF sign on our vehicle! We prefer Kirkland (Pricesmart,) Purina or Pedigree, but will accept any brand except Ascan. Food is one of our biggest expenses and your donation will go straight to helping feed the animals in our care. We currently feed 24 dogs and over 100 cats. Every bag you donate will make a difference in the lives of the animals
  13. Have a Heart this February and donate a bag or two of cat or dog food during our Food Drive. Tomorrow's Have a Heart drop off location is the parking lot at the BCP/Tuesday Market from 9-Noon. We prefer Kirkland (Pricesmart,) Purina or Pedigree, but will accept any brand except Ascan. Food is one of our biggest expenses and your donation will go straight to helping feed the animals in our care. We currently feed 24 dogs and over 100 cats. Every bag you donate will make a difference in the lives of the animals
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