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  1. The training in this post was in Bocas del Toro province. I wonder when/if they will have training in Chiriqui.
  2. What they can do at the hospital in Volcan is very limited. For anything except the most minor issue, they will send the person to the hospital in Bugaba or to Hospital Regional.
  3. Dottie Atwater

    Prison for abuse of pets!

    Desde 5 de mayo, entró en vigencia la modificación del artículo 421 del Código Penal de Panamá, la cual establece castigos para quienes maltraten a los animales. "Quien mediante actos de crueldad, cause la muerte o lesiones gravemente a un animal usado como mascota, será sancionado con penas de cárcel de 18 a 24 meses o su equivalente en días-multa o arresto en fines de semana", se lee en el artículo. En Panamá ya existe la Ley 70 de 2012 de Protección a los Animales Domésticos, donde se contemplaban sanciones, mas no penas para aquellos que afecten a algún animal de forma agravante. Para hacer valer el derecho de los animales, las denuncias deben presentarse en el Ministerio Público, despachos de Justicia de Paz o marcando al 311. Google translation: Since May 5, the amendment of Article 421 of the Penal Code of Panama came into force, which establishes punishments for those who mistreat animals. "Who through acts of cruelty, cause death or serious injury to an animal used as a pet, will be punished with prison terms of 18 to 24 months or its equivalent in days-fine or arrest on weekends," reads the Article. In Panama there is already Law 70 of 2012 on Protection of Domestic Animals, which provided for sanctions, but not penalties for those that affect an animal in an aggravating manner. To enforce the right of animals, complaints must be filed with the Public Prosecutor's Office, Justice of the Peace offices or by dialing 311. ------------------------------ Does anyone know what is a "Justice of the Peace?" (Probably the correduria.) Dottie
  4. Apparently not true any longer. My birthday is in May. I remember when the renewal was the last day in May. However, this time, my renewal was due on May 12th. I went on May 9th to renew, and the renewal date is May 9th, 2020. If I had gone on May 1st, I wonder if the renewal would have been May 1, 2020?
  5. Long ago I bought neem at a store in David that stocked organic gardening supplies. Darn it, I can't remember the name or where it was/is. Does anyone know where to buy organic gardening supplies? Thanks!
  6. Dottie Atwater

    Pet Food News from PriceSmart

    John, I've done the "walk out" at other stores, DoIt Center for one, for something I "need" but not right away. But at PriceSmart, everything I have in my cart is something I need right then that I can't find elsewhere. Like 4 to 6 bags of Kirkland dog food. (I buy the 20-lb bags, not the 40, because I can lift those!)
  7. Dottie Atwater

    Pet Food News from PriceSmart

    Despite my complaints that PriceSmart is often out of the things I'd LIKE to buy regularly, I'm grateful they are in David. At least I can buy some items that I can't find elsewhere. But as often happens, they had no ground turkey logs (which have increased in price when they DO have them), no fresh or frozen turkey wings...plus several other things on my shopping list. Yes, Bud, those 300 people were trying to check out with most of the cajas closed. My big complaint is that they have no concern for customer service. Yesterday (Wednesday) at 1:00 pm, there were 3 cajas open and 6 closed. People in lines for the 3 open cajas stretched all the way back to the refrigerated section. It wasn't that way in the past, but now it is the norm. And I try my best NOT to shop at PriceSmart near a payday or a holiday. The situation is even more horrible at those times. I don't know if this is within Sissy Blake's "job description," but if so, could she please pass the word up to the powers that be? I'm not the only one who has complaints about the long line and closed cajas. Whatever, though, I guess we're a "captive audience."
  8. I have a sick-looking avocado tree. (Grafted, bought in Volcan, March of 2016. It's about 10 feet tall now.) Please see the attached picture of some of the leaves. If any of you expert gardeners know how to treat this situation, please advise! I have sprayed with a neem solution twice. I don't find any sign of insects, but something is obviously wrong. Thank you!
  9. Dottie Atwater

    115th Spay/Neuter Clinic in Volcan

    Yes, and her nickname is very appropriate!
  10. 45 animals were spayed/neutered by Dr. Andres Tello,our wonderful veterinarian. http://spaypanama-chiriqui.org/115th.html This brings our total to 4,370 dogs and cats sterilized. Plus he also performed several other lengthy procedures, including removal of a venereal tumor from a male dog. See the details in my web page. This time we were thankful to have had a lot of no-shows. Otherwise we'd have been at the clinic until 10:00 pm instead of 6:40. "Dra. Death" in Volcan had struck again. The owner unknowingly took the dog with the venereal tumor to her before our clinic. She supposedly injected "tumor reducing drugs" over a priod of time. The owner ended up paying her $260 for nothing, except perhaps having his dog injected with toxic chemicals. The tumor was huge, and Dr. Tello removed it surgically for a cost of $60. The May 20th clinic is already fully booked and we are taking reservations for June 24th. For appointments in June, call 6640-3171. Because the clinics are filling up so fast that we have to schedule animals far in advance, we will try to play "catch up" and we will have two clinics in August: the 12th and 26. Regarding the photo albums: I am FURIOUS. First Picasa Albums quit, and all of my previous Picasa albums were gone! Then I started using Flickr; now they have been sold to SmugMug and my previous Flickr albums are gone! I've spent hours searching for a simple photo album to use. (I tried google photos but was unable to include captions for each photo. If anyone can teach me how to use google photos to create an album with a heading and a caption below each photo, I will be VERY grateful. But--For the photo album for this clinic, go to: https://albumizr.com/skins/mrburn5/index.php?key=81um Sorry, I couldn't figure out a way to title the album or set it up any way except for a slide show. I did manage to put captions below each photo. The good news is that in the slide show, the photos are large. As always, thanks to Dr. Andres Tell, our wonderful volunteers, to everyone who contributed whether financially or otherwise, and to everyone who brought their animals to be sterilized and/or returned to good health. Dottie
  11. Dottie Atwater

    (Reports of) Animal Abuse Increased in Panama

    Great work! Thank you for all you guys do!
  12. Dottie Atwater

    Association Of Panama Veterinarians

    Geeze--you got me. Of course "this" is social media. I meant Facebook, etc. I'll really, really try to be exactly precise in the future.
  13. Dottie Atwater

    Association Of Panama Veterinarians

    Keith, do you imply that I am stupid? Of course I know "this" is social media. You will note that I did not name the "veterinarian." I was asking for any helpful suggestions, not a useless reply.
  14. Dottie Atwater

    Association Of Panama Veterinarians

    Interesting, and a good question, Two4Paws. There's a "vet" in Volcan whose nickname is "Dr. Death" and for good reason. I've asked Patricia Chan (Spay Panama) if there is a veterinary organization in which people can lodge complaints. The only information she gave me was that the "organization" circles the wagons to protect their own and that (1) social media was the best way. However, I don't know how many Panamanians (who would lodge complaints) belong to social media (I don't); and 2nd, with the stupid libel laws in Panama, who would dare name her in a complaint? Any suggestions, folks? This woman needs to be stopped from maiming and killing animals! Unfortunately, she apparently has a thriving business because too many local people don't know about her incompetence. (She also charges exorbitant high prices!)
  15. After having lots of experience with "boards of directors," I would never, EVER again buy a property with an "association" to which I paid fees each month--and could tell me what I could and could not do with my property!