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  1. Dottie Atwater

    Closing my PayPal acccount

    Uh, oh...someone sent almost $300 to my Paypal account, so I needed to go through the hassle of getting the money and then closing my account. At that point, I could log in but could no nothing else--except RECEIVE money into the account, of course. I couldn't use the funds to pay anything and couldn't retrieve the funds. Against my better judgment, I sent a copy of my US bank statement, one of their ways to "unrestrict" the account. (My bank account was no longer linked, but of course they knew my bank--since they also knew minute details about my life from 20+ years ago that even I didn't remember). Ten days later, I had heard nothing from Paypal, even after I sent a message asking WHEN my account would be unlocked. So I went through the ordeal of calling them. This time the wait was only 30 minutes, and the young woman said, "Yes, we received your bank statement." To my surprise, during my conversation with the very first person, the steps online for unlocking my account were fairly easy. As soon as I had access, I linked my bank account, removed my funds, and closed my account. Goodbye, crooks!
  2. Dottie Atwater

    Boquete ning?

    Again, I was not seeking to improve my experience.
  3. Dottie Atwater

    Boquete ning?

    Thanks, Marcelyn, but I was just curious whether others experience the same thing. (And responses indicated they do.) I was not seeking ideas to improve its problems.
  4. Dottie Atwater

    Boquete ning?

    I mainly wanted to see if others have the same problem. I didn't readily notice a way to contact the owners, and I sure as heck wasn't going to waste my time searching. I don't care whether ITS performance is improved or not.
  5. Dottie Atwater

    Boquete ning?

    I occasionally visit boquete.ning but hadn't done so in quite a while. I went there this morning and discovered the site has a new "look." And everything on it lags; it's very slow to open anything. CL here opens rapidly, and speedtest.net indicates I have about 70Mbps. So the issue is that of boquete.ning. Many times an attempt to "improve" something makes it far worse.
  6. Dottie Atwater

    Pay Forward Philosophy

    Pay It Forward is a wonderful idea!
  7. And the plastic bags are just part of the problem. I recently bought a 16-pack of Scott tissue at PriceSmart, only to discover that each ROLL of toilet paper (within the plastic of 16 rolls) is firmly wrapped in plastic as well. It takes scissors and determination to unwrap each roll. Also, the Member Select brand of papers towels wrapped in plastic (last time an 8-roll) has each 2 rolls also wrapped strongly in plastic. All this use of plastic is totally unnecessary! I buy the Member Select paper towels for the clinics...we use a lot of them, but they are not much better than 1-ply toilet paper. For my house, I buy the Bounty brand. More expensive, but they last forever...and the individual rolls within the plastic wrapping are NOT again wrapped in plastic.
  8. Dottie Atwater

    123rd Spay/Neuter Clinic in Volcan

    Thanks, Marcelyn. It's work I can't NOT do!
  9. At this 123rd clinic, Dr. Tello sterilized 58 animals: 24 dogs and 34 cats. This brings our total of dogs and cats sterilized to 4,744. http://spaypanama-chiriqui.org/123rd.html. See photos at https://imgur.com/a/RiIpK1N December will be a short vacation for us. A relief in a way, but sadly, that means that fewer animals will be sterilized until our next clinic on January 20, 2019. (And that clinic is almost full already!) Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to all, and as always, love and hugs and much gratitude to Dr. Andres Tello, our wonderful volunteers, and our donors! This vital work could not be done without them! ------------------------------ Several days before the clinic when I was walking, a man told me that neighbors had moved away and abandoned a female dog. He was worried that this sweet dog would become a "puppy factory." This was near the Nueva California school. I returned home, then went in my car and brought the dog to my house where I have a place to keep a dog separate from my 19 dogs. On clinic day I took her to be spayed. She is young and had never been in heat--and now she will never have puppies! On Monday after the clinic, I took her back to the school. She was very excited and ran to be with the school children again. People in the neighborhood feed her, so she will be fine. ------------------------------------ Also remember: I will help with animals to the best of my ability. Recently someone found a dog in horrible condition—emaciated from hunger, with worst mange I have ever seen (including bleeding sores). He had been hit by a car, had a broken hip on one side and open oozing wounds on the other hip/leg. The dog had a crappy collar around his neck attached to a wire. Someone had apparently tied him up to starve to death and he managed to break loose, only to be hit by a car. The police had sent the woman to my house with the dog. She and her husband put the dog in the crate on the side of my house. I immediately injected him with pain medication, antibiotics, and Vitamin C. I had planned to take him to Dr. Tello at the border, but before I could do so, the dog died during the night. There was a lot of blood on his blanket in the crate, apparently from internal injuries. The only positive with this situation is that at least the poor dog had a warm, dry place to sleep and a full tummy for a couple of days. He ate a LOT of food and he also drank a lot of water. He obviously had been very dehydrated. I have experienced many situations of abuse like this and it always pains my heart deeply. I keep telling myself that I can't save them all, but nevertheless, I can't internalize the fact. My only consolation is that people who abuse animals will burn in hell for eternity! (If you visit me regarding a problem with an animal, please call me in advance, 6517-8752 or whatsapp at 6361-3234. I am cautious about opening my gate when my employee is not present.) ----------------------------- Again, many thanks to all! We will see you in January! Dottie
  10. Escuela Basica General de Volcan (in Volcan, Chiriqui, Panama), asked us to give a presentation about spaying and neutering--and the care of dogs in general. We hope that students all over Panama will watch the video--plus everyone who wants to take the best care of their canine pet. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o3znLEnxip8&feature=youtu.be The video is by me, Dorothy (Dottie) Atwater, and the translation is by Francia Pinedo, who has been the registrar at our clinics since the beginning in 2006. So the video is in both English and Spanish. Ours is certainly not a "professional" presentation--you can laugh along with us about our goofs. But the information is here, and that's the important thing. Enjoy, and thanks for watching! And to read about the benefits of sterilization AND the animal abuse laws in Panama, see the left-hand column at http://spaypanama-chiriqui.org Dottie
  11. Interesting...here in Volcan I haven't had any CO outages in quite some time.
  12. On October 21st, 52 animals were spayed/neutered by Dr. Andres Tello, our wonderful veterinarian.http://spaypanama-chiriqui.org/122nd.html and see the photo album here: https://imgur.com/gallery/qYMbMcS This bring our total of dogs and cats to 4,685. Plus Dr. Tello also performed several exams and other procedures: he removed two venereal tumors, one hernia, removed an eye from a dog, and removed a cancerous growth from a dog's tongue. IMPORTANT: PLEASE DO NOT DONATE FOR THE CLINICS VIA PAYPAL. I'VE HAD INSURMOUNTABLE PROBLEMS WITH THEM AND I'VE REMOVED THE "DONATE" LINK FROM MY WEB PAGE. SOON I HOPE TO HAVE AN ALTERNATIVE WAY FOR PEOPLE TO DONATE. My employee found and brought a huge male dog that hangs out at the new Berard's, where people feed him. He is not thin and probably has an owner who does not take good care of him. He smelled really bad, had been in lots of fights over females in heat, and had long toenails with dew claws about to grow into his skin. After he was neutered and had his nails trimmed, he spent the night at my house, got a nice bath on Monday morning, and then we took him back to Berard's. A really sweet and gentle dog. I would have kept him if I didn't already have so many dogs (19). A very long day! I think this was the latest I ever got home after a clinic, at almost 8:00 pm. Our final clinic for this year will be on November 18th. We will resume in January of 2019. For appointments, call or whatsapp 6640-3171. As always, my heartfelt thanks to our wonderful volunteers, to Dr. Andres Tello, and to those who donate, whether financial or otherwise. (We always have wonderful food and drinks provided by very special people!)-- Dottie Please visit my web site at http://www.spaypanama-chiriqui.org
  13. Adult. Has anyone tried it? I think it smells like rotting fish. My dogs eat it but several have either soft poop or diarrhea. I don't know for sure to blame that on the PriceSmart brand of dog food, but I certainly hope they continue to stock the Kirklands, which I prefer to buy. Dottie
  14. My shopping experience at PriceSmart yesterday: When a friend in Boquete saw my "hope" that ground turkey would still be available when I could go, she went last Wednesday and paid for 8 rolls that I could pick up yesterday (Monday). She sent me the receipt, which I printed. She gave me the "manager's" name and phone number (Ariel). After asking for him, It turned out that someone else was the "manager of carnes." Well, after talking with three other people, including the "manager of carnes," someone retrieved the 8 rolls for me--fortunately from the back in boxes, 4 to a box. Then I tried to find out how I'd exit the store with only a printed copy of the receipt. Finally someone (it turned out to be Ariel) beckoned to me. He had kept the original receipt and finally found it. OK, turkey molida to my car, and then back in for other things. No one can accuse PriceSmart of having a smidgen of organization. NO Kirklands or Member's Select puppy chow--again. No frozen blueberries. No avocado oil, which I had bought a few months ago, never to be seen again. No flax-chia mixture that I had bought VERY long ago, never to be seen again. (I keep these things on my list, just in case...) At least I was able to get the turkey rolls in boxes. Much easier to transport. They did still have a large supply. Ariel said sometimes a company buys a lot of them. I suggested that they keep track of their inventory and order more when they have only a small supply. Good luck with that!
  15. Sassy, how much Vitamin C did you administer daily, for how long, and how did you give it to your cat? The injectable has only 250 mL per cc, and the injections are painful. I did save a dog with C that I thought was going to die. I injected some, and also mixed some powdered C with as little water as possible and gave it to her by mouth with a syringe. But it's difficult to administer high does of C to an animal. I'll appreciate any information you can share. Thanks! Dottie