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  1. The thread about property tax/DGI

    Thanks, Bud. I didn't even notice the "all content" option. That's a big help for future searches.
  2. Please point me to it. I did a search on "DGI" and "property tax." Nada. I also need some help with the site. I entered my RUC, then clicked "forgot my NIT." The site then asked for my email address but said it is different than what they have on file. I tried a couple of previous email addresses. Nada. Is there any way to change the email address they have on file? Thanks for any help!
  3. Does anyone know where to find blackstrap molasses here? Thanks!
  4. The Comarca

    The other part of my question was "what do they do there?"
  5. The Comarca

    I hear about indigenous "going to the Comarca." This is probably a silly question, but where and what is "the Comarca?" And what do the indigenous do there?
  6. Dixon Lab will give you the sterile container and written instructions about how to obtain the water sample. It must be done correctly for a correct result.
  7. I wish some medical person in this area is knowledgeable about bio-identical hormones!
  8. Horrifying and sad. But I wish people would not call deranged criminals "animals." Animals do not commit wanton acts of violence.
  9. Album 2015 Rescued Ones

    You guys are wonderful! And cats, too? Amazing! My dogs would kill a cat in a heartbeat.
  10. Some Dogs From The Dog Camp

    Thank you, but I think it would be utter chaos at my house. At least I have a "system" of feeding a couple at a time and keeping the others separate. Also, two of mine are on special diets.
  11. Some Dogs From The Dog Camp

    How in the world do you keep them from fighting? I have to be ever vigilant with my pack. And I am amazed that they are all calmly eating right next to each other. I could never do that with mine! Feeding time at my house is a real "adventure."
  12. No, I did not pay liquidation before. This was for about 9 years of employment. Silly me, I did not have a contract, and I did not pay decimo or vacation (or called it that), although I gave the employee MUCH more money than paying those things would have been. I was WAY too generous and I treated him more like a friend than an employee. Gave him free rent in my casita, even provided the gas and electricity, gave him use of my car for personal things, paid for doctors for him and his family, gave him many items of clothing, and many other benefits. Now I know better, both about contracts and to keep an employee strictly an employee, not as friend. I assume responsibility for the outcome. I now realize that most Panamanians have no concept of gratitude and merely think of us as a "deep pockets" money machine. I won't make that mistake again. (That's not to say I will be a "Simon Legree or unpleasant to an employee because of this.)
  13. Well, what I posted came from two separate accountants who specialize in employee contracts and the labor law.