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  1. I hope this is true and he does indeed go to prison. If so, that is a huge positive.
  2. Speculation in this case, yes. But it is well know that adult criminals recruit minors to do a lot of the criminal acts because nothing will be done to the minors.
  3. And the article mentioned a possible minor...of course nothing will be done to him. Hence a BIG problem.
  4. Blessings to Javier and Magaly. They are doing a wonderful job, giving from their hearts. I wish I could contribute financially to them, but I have everything I can do with my own 18 dogs, the clinics, and the other dogs in the Volcan area that need my help. Many people in this area say I am "the best vet" in the entire area, even though I'm not a vet. People often bring their sick or injured animals to me, and I can usually help them. Never in my previous life would I have dreamed my life would turn out this way, but I am grateful for it.
  5. Exactly. When I was in the US, I donated to the SPCA but I had no idea of the real needs. Suffering and mistreatment of animals is worldwide, certainly not unique to Panama. We who give hands-on personal experience with helping, whether people or animals, we ourselves are the ones who receive the most meaningful gift.
  6. Bless you for caring and your efforts to help, Brundagega. None of us can do everything. I do the same for dogs and cats that need help. Every one one of us "privileged" people living in Panama can do something to help the people or the animals. Sadly, too many are either blind to the problems or they don't give a crap and are too involved in their gossip sessions and group functions. I know people in the Boquete area who are absolute champions--and you are among that number. Thank you again for your efforts, whether for human or animals.
  7. This dog needs your help

    I'm surprised that they even noticed she had been spayed. Unless you told them, I doubt they would have noticed.
  8. This dog needs your help

    I sincerely hope you can find a home for this sweet dog and then just kidnap her. (I have one that I literally kidnapped from abusive owners.)
  9. This dog needs your help

    "We feed her daily and are trying to find her a new home. In the mean time, she still lives with the bastards who tied her up and starved her." File a denuncia against those bastards! To treat a dog like that is a criminal act. In addition to the current animal abuse law, it will soon require jail time for the abusers. It has passed all three "reviews" in the government and is now just waiting for the President's signature. Also, I understand that now a formal denuncia does not have to be filed. Here in Volcan we've been told to take pictures of the abusive situation and the corregidor will take the police to advise the abusers of the law...up to a $500 fine, for one thing. Hopefully that would change the abusers deeds. Not long ago I went to the corregidor and had him accompany me to talk with an owner about what I thought was a dog being abused. Fortunately that wasn't the case; just visually from the road it appeared to be. It turned out that I know the owner (by face, not by name), actually a nice guy, and he had had the dog previously sterilized at our clinic. We did ask him to report any animal abuse that he witnesses. So every effort helps.
  10. This dog needs your help

    Situations like this, although too "usual," absolutely break my heart. Attached are pictures of my dog Sweetie. before and after. I found her while I was walking and immediately called my employee to bring my car to take her to my house. She was within a week or two of dying because her organs would shut down from starvation. Sweetie came right up to me, like "OK, take me home with you." She wasn't afraid of people like many of the abandoned, homeless dogs are. (I have many other examples other than Sweetie about the dogs who live with me.) Sweetie also has a scar around her neck, and she had two ulcerous sores on her hind end, like she had been tied and had to sleep on concrete. Who knows? Maybe she had been tied up and escaped, or maybe someone brought her to Volcan and dumped her. She was apparently under six months of age at the time and had never had puppies. Her physical build at the time was the same as now. When I brought her home she weighted 25 lbs. Now she weighs 55 lbs., perfect for her size, and she is happy and healthy. I'm so glad Sweetie and I found each other. It was/is a blessing for both of us. Helping as many animals as I can is my purpose in life here in Volcan. I have 18 rescues, now all healthy and happy after proper treatment and many times surgery by our wonderful Dr. Tello. I simply don't have room for for more dogs. My heart bleeds every time I see a female dog in heat, many males hanging around to molest her, or a skinny female dog with big full tits obviously nursing puppies that will suffer and probably die a painful early death. And when people call me or I find one what has been hit by a car so badly that they can't be saved, and I have to put them down. (Two in the last 10 days.) I cry every time. I applaud those of you in Boquete involved in the rescue efforts. Here in Volcan, I'm the only one. People do call me--often-- but I'm expected to be the "solution." Sometimes I can help, but right now I think I'm close to burnout from the work and sadness this creates. but I doubt there will be any respite. The clinics we have here are a lot of work and they are emotionally satisfying. But those we can't help weigh heavily on me. I will continue as long as I can. See the pictures of Sweetie before and after. I really hope there is reincarnation and I hope those animal abusers return in physical form to be abused in the same manner that they subjected to these animals.
  11. Grubs? Nematodes?

    Thank you! And would you please explain "good and bad" nematodes if you can? Just in the last few months have my sweet potatoes been attacked by grubs. What I've been doing lately is to wrap them in foil, bake, and then remove the bad sections, then freeze. But I'd sure like to get rid of the grubs!
  12. Grubs? Nematodes?

    Thank you, Roger. Great suggestions!
  13. Grubs are destroying my organic sweet potatoes! The grubs are way beneath the surface of the ground. Online research indicates that nematodes will kill grubs. Does anyone know if nematodes are available locally? I am hesitant to order them online because I question whether the live nematodes would survive the time and heat between arrival in Miami and then sent to Panama via my package forwarding service. I'll appreciate any ideas! Thank you!
  14. A Haunted Housewarming in Panama

    What a wonderful post, Bud. Thanks to Donna and to others who clarified my interpretation of Mark's report. With due respect to Mark, without ever having known Bill (or OF Bill) from Mark's report, it was easy for me to think he was "narcissistic" and "self-indulgent." Thanks to everyone who clarified my misconception.
  15. Thanks for the additional info, Bonnie. The link I posted was one of the first I came across. Again, the key is to do lots of online research and then make our own decisions.