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  1. Report finds that hundreds of tonnes of plastic are cluttering the Arctic Ocean The waste is dumped in the Atlantic Ocean off Europe and the United States It is then swept north by ocean currents to a 'polar graveyard' The waste releases toxins into the ocean and is swallowed by wildlife The link includes pictures and video. Sadly, the recycling center in Volcan is no longer accepting plastic of any kind.
  2. Wow, thanks for the post and the link, Bud. Macromedia/Flash do NOT make it easy to find their settings page. It will take some study to learn what settings to use to "better" protect privacy, albeit far from perfect. I use Private Internet Access (PIA). For a long time, I could not log in to my Schwab account while connected with PIA. After PIA denying that they were the problem, they've apparently fixed this issue. Now it's Chase. I found the "fix" for either/both is to disconnect PIA and connect with the free Hotspot Shield. Recently Flash player did an automatic update. After that, when I watched a youtube video, a small duplicate of the video would appear in the lower right of my screen. Very annoying. (That did not occur in Firefox.) When I decided Flash was the issue, I disabled it in my Chrome browser settings. Problem solved. Now, after reading the link you provided, I feel even better after disabling Flash.
  3. I use a VPN (Private Internet Access) and usually use a US location. This morning I sent a question to PIA and then received the following. Does anyone heard about this "recent US legislation?" What a bunch of crap! More intrusion into private lives. "Currently we are experiencing higher than average helpdesk tickets due to recent US legislation changes that let your internet service provider spy on you. Your ticket will be dealt with however you may face a slightly longer than normal response time."lightly longer t normal response time.
  4. Dixon Laboratory also tests the water for pseudomonas. .
  5. Re the water testing: Manuel will give you the containers and specific written instructions for the procedures. Very professional. Before I discovered Dixon Laboratorio, I asked Aquatek about doing a water analysis. They said just to bring some water in an empty soda bottle, etc. What a joke! I'm glad I didn't waste time and money to get some bogus "analysis."
  6. I'm "low tech." Don't have a smart phone, much less a GPS.
  7. That's it, Jim, Usually I can't tell heads nor tails about google maps, and I don't know street names (if indeed there is a sign). But the reference point of Super 99 makes it clear.
  8. I suggest you go ask Manuel Dixon about this. It's very important to accurately diagnose ehrlichia and treat it, just as a false positive can subject a dog to unnecessary drugs that can also be harmful.
  9. In David, going toward Concepcion, turn left at the signal light that would take you to the old Super 99, Romero, Nissan dealer, etc. Go two blocks (the first block is a long one), then turn left. The lab is then in that first block on the right. Right now the sign just says "laboratorio" and it is not in great condition. As I mentioned, they are enlarging, so don't let the looks of the place from the outside give you the wrong impression. When you're in David, I suggest going by and talking with Manuel. If you like, you can print out the list of dog tests I attached previously and discuss them with him. Best to call and make sure he will be there. Sometimes he needs to go to a particular farm/dairy to do testing. I know you will like Manuel very much and will be pleased with his expertise! You can tell him I sent you if you wish. He has been a friend for quite some time.
  10. If they are not performing regular quality control tests on their equipment, the results are very likely to be incorrect. I posted to give information, and it's up to each individual to take it or leave it.
  11. I don't know the answer. You could quiz the lab about what quality controls they use regarding testing for animals and how often the run them--and hope they tell the truth. One way to be sure is to take the results and a new blood sample to Dixon Laboratorio to compare results. Extra expense, yes, but Dixon Laboratorio is very reasonable in cost, and if one person in Boquete does that, he/she can share the information with others. Inaccurate blood test results can be devastating. Better safe than sorry.
  12. Yesterday I learned critical information from Manuel Dixon, the owner of Dixon Laboratorio in David: that he is the ONLY accredited veterinarian laboratory in Chiriqui. Before my conversation with Manuel, I thought a blood test is a blood test. Wrong! Dixon Laboratorio runs expensive quality control tests once a week that labs in veterinary clinics do not. Without regular quality control testing, incorrect results are almost a guarantee. Medications based on incorrect blood test readings will be ineffective and harmful, for example when an animal is given unnecessary antibiotics. Or even deadly--for example, if an animal is given insulin based on an incorrect diagnosis of diabetes. Bad news! Manuel gave a recent example: A woman had had a blood test of her dog at a veterinary clinic in David, and medication was prescribed and sold to her. When her dog did not improve, she then took a blood sample to Dixon Laboratorio along with the results of the first test. The (correct) results at Dixon Laboratorio were completely different from the tests done at the veterinary clinic. The woman was angry at the veterinary clinic for the expense involved to render an incorrect blood analysis, plus unknowingly giving her dog improper medication. One veterinary clinic in David repeatedly gives an incorrect diagnosis of ehrlichia (tick fever), thus resulting in harmful and unnecessary medication being given to the dog. I have no affiliation with Dixon Laboratorio except as a grateful client. Their contact is 777-0481. Manuel is a kind man who speaks perfect English. (His technicians do not.) And the costs are very reasonable. The lab in David is very easy to find. I can give directions. Dixon Laboratorio also does tests for humans, agriculture, water. They are expanding and will soon include tests for biohazard substances, using positive pressure personnel suits and a segregated air supply room. Attached is a list of possible tests I've compiled for dogs. I intend to have some extensive tests done for two of mine. I discussed the attached list with Manuel and he gave me the proper vials for the tests I wish to have. At our next spay/neuter clinic (April 23), I am going to practice, practice, practice drawing blood from a dog's vein so I can do it myself. So if any of you (in the Volcan area) need blood tests for your dog, get the correct vials from Manuel (free) and I can (probably) draw the blood for you. No charge, of course. I am happy to help whenever I can. Dottie - 6517-8752 Blood Tests for Dogs.odt
  13. Well, that is still high compared to The Box Shop in David at $2.50 per lb. Great service there, too.