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  1. So sorry! Because of a severe computer crash, I was unable to create the web pages for August and September. I am having o reinstall all my programs, and I experienced many lost and corrupted files...I am still struggling with those issues. I was using the outdated Microsoft Front Page to create my web pages. All of those files were corrupted, thus my template is gone. Now I'm trying to find a program to replace Front Page, and that is a challenge. I can't figure out how to use Weebly or Wix because I want to create my own template, not use one of theirs. I am exploring other programs to create web pages. Ideas please? Following is a brief synopsis of the August and September clinics. Sorry, I don't have a list of the volunteers for August, but they are pretty much the same as usual. I have the expenses and income for each clinic, which includes any donations, but I don't have the names of the donors...except for Al Jan, who donates $25 each month ------------------------------------------ August 22, 2017 - Clinic #131 in Volcan. Dr. Tello sterilized 24 dogs and 22 cats, a total of 46 animals. August brought our grand total to 5,098. Income was $905, expenses were $1,030, leaving an account balance of $2,332.28. September 20, 2019 – Clinic #132 in Volcan. Dr. Tello sterilized 25 dogs and 28 cats, a total of 50 animals. This brings our total to 5,148. Income was $955, expenses were $1,145, leaving an account balance of $2,142.28. At least I didn't lose the photos for this clinic. See the photos here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/1Hrp8kdxemJcBQCD7 (Sorry, I did not include captions.) We had mostly the usual volunteers, plus a new volunteer, Alexandra Orocú. She did a great job! ------------------------------------------- The October 20th clinic is almost full already. Our final clinic for this year will be on November 17th. Make your reservations early! Many thanks to everyone! Dottie
  2. I solved my particular spam problem. I discovered that in addition to real spam, every time I received a legitimate message in my gmail account, a "non-deliverable" identical message appeared in my spam folder...."can't deliver to muffiemae@yahoo.com." I discovered that I could set up a filter to automatically delete anything that contained "muffiemae@yahoo.com." So far, so good. However, I do have another computer problem: After a massive computer crash and loss of many files, when I click to open some of the remaining files, I get this message. I've done search after search and can't figure out how to get rid of this message and actually open the file. Information anyone? Thanks. Dottie
  3. I get dozens in messages in my Spam folder every day because they were sent to a non-existent yahoo account. (I deleted that particular yahoo account long ago.) Can anyone advise me how to stop these? If I don't delete them every day, I end up with hundreds! I just deleted 84 of the spam messages. HELP PLEASE. Interestingly, I just noticed that I received and read a message from someone in my gmail account. That particular message was also copied into my Spam folder. Help! Thanks... Dottie
  4. Keith, some time back you posted that PriceSmart had the biodegradable bags and you even posted a picture. I have yet to find them in PriceSmart. On Thursday I asked a young employee about where they would be WHEN they got more. He said right where the other plastic bags are. Was that the location where you had found them? Dottie
  5. The area of the hongo is on a couple of inside walls. No doubt there is no moisture barrier (incompetent contractor!). But at this point, I was just wondering if there is any solution.
  6. So I guess the follow up question is how to eliminate the source of moisture from the lower part of some inside walls? That seems next to impossible.
  7. Does anyone know how to cure this once and for all? I've tried different methods, all to no avail. Any suggestions will be very much appreciated! Dottie
  8. At this 130th clinic, Dr. Tello sterilized 27 dogs and 15 cats. This brings our total of dogs and cats sterilized to 5,052. http://spaypanama-chiriqui.org/130th.html Also see the photo album from this clinic at https://photos.app.goo.gl/b1JUd8W316X5PtPi6 Highlights: I had seen another male dog at the (newer) Berard's, very friendly and loving. He apparently was still another dog that had been dumped in this area, that then became homeless. Before the clinic, I gave the dog food from the supply of kibble that I keep in my car. My employee was to find the dog and bring him to the July clinic to be neutered. But on clinic day, the dog was nowhere to be found. Then I talked with the people in Berard's. They said the dog usually didn't come around on Sundays; but later in the afternoon, someone from Berard's called us and said the dog was there! John Gould and I went to get him. I paid to neuter him, and one of our volunteers adopted the sweet dog. ------------------ A young woman brought her two beloved dogs to be spayed. The dogs still had lumps, which she said were from bot-flies (torselos). She had taken the dogs to the local "Dr. Death" (alleged veterinarian), who injected some unknown substance and charged the young woman $50. We found that the site on one of the dogs was infected; in the other dog, the worm was dead but still inside the dog...that can cause a terrible infection if left inside. Fortunately, the young woman came to us. With a cost of only $25 each for spaying, there was no extra charge to treat the infected site on the one dog and to remove the dead worm from the other dog. Our August clinic is already full. For appointments on September 22, call or whatsapp 6640-3171. Again, my heartfelt thanks to everyone who brings their animals to be sterilized, to our wonderful volunteers, to the people who contribute food and drinks...and of course to Andres Tello, our excellent veterinarian.
  9. She is a lawyer in Boquete. Please give me her phone and email if you know it. Thank you!
  10. No, I was not criticizing Rodny himself. I've never met him, but I'm sure he's a very nice man. People pleased with his service are rightfully able to say so on this forum, but to claim on the other hand that a less-than-satisfactory experience should NOT be on this forum is ludicrous. Double standard, wouldn't you say? From many reports, Rodny is very conscientious, but it is also important that people not have a false sense of security if something doesn't happen as they expect--and as they depend on. I did have a false sense of security. Fortunately, my issue last night was not critical...but what if I'd been having a heart attack? Or if someone was trying to break into my house? Phone service out, or whatever the problem was, in a critical situation I'd have been SOL.
  11. Keith, is there anything in my post that asks for help? (No, Keith, you just always need to respond to almost everything I post, usually off-point from my post.) I have no need to contact Rodny, because I don't care WHY he didn't answer his phone. But because he didn't, I just will not renew my subscription.
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