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  1. No doubt Martinelli thought he'd skate through this whole thing unscathed. Now I imagine he's plenty worried. What a great thing it would be for Panama to see him behind bars for 21 years! And they continue to go after the many other crooks. Good going, Panama!
  2. I never buy from El Rey or Romero unless I need something I can't find elsewhere.
  3. "... his delicate heart and blood pressure conditions..." Hummm, it wasn't reported that he had those "conditions" while in prison in the US, and he compared prison in Panama "5-star" compared to the conditions in the US prison. Now he refuses to take blood pressure medications. Why? Could it be because he doesn't HAVE high blood pressure? And if he does, and refuses to take the medication, he should not be allowed to leave the trial and be taken to the hospital. He and his sleazebag lawyers are trying every delay tactic in the book. What a waste of taxpayer monies and a waste of the court's time and resources! Get him in prison already!
  4. "Meanwhile, in the name of Martinelli's defense, Luis Eduardo Camacho González announced that they would lodge a complaint against Panama if Martinelli's immunity as a member of Parlacen was not respected, "... What? He recently tried to resign from Parlacen, although he was not successful because he did not follow proper procedure. This gets nuttier and nuttier. Martinelli is trying anything and everything to escape justice. I sure hope he doesn't succeed.
  5. Dottie Atwater

    117th Spay/Neuter Clinic in Volcan

    Thank you, Bud. People have actually seen acts of dogs being dumped. I'm certainly distressed about it. And it's also obvious because of the more and more "strange" ones in the area. The "reason?" People get tired of their dog(s) and either can't or don't try to find another home for them. I and only a couple of others try to get dogs from the street and sterilize them. Friends recently caught a pregnant female that did NOT want to be caught. It took diligence on their part. She had 7 puppies the day after they managed to get her. We will sterilize the mama in July and all the puppies on August 26th. The person who is taking care of them will keep the mama and one of the puppies. Then to find homes for the six puppies. Potential owners will be vetted, because everyone loves cute puppies--but often, when they grow up, the people lose interest and no longer want the adult dog. I'm about overloaded here. With no competent vet in the entire area, I'm the one people call about injured or sick animals and animal abuse. Of course I won't give up. I just wish more people, especially expats, would get involved in working to get homeless dogs to the clinics in this area and would also report instances of animal abuse--and follow up to see that the law is enforced. Most people just say, "Oh, too bad," and don't bother to do anything about it.
  6. June 24, 2018 - 41 animals were spayed/neutered by Dr. Andres Tello, our wonderful veterinarian. Plus he also performed several other procedures, including repair of a hernia, and several exams. http://spaypanama-chiriqui.org/117th.html A big problem has developed in the Volcan area. More and more dogs are being brought here and dumped. I used to recognize every dog I saw on the street. Now I see skinny females in heat (who will give birth to puppies that will also suffer), females with big teats that already have puppies, and unsterilized males with wounds from fighting over females in heat. Please! Does anyone have suggestions for a solution to this problem? ------------------------------ The July 22nd clinic is already fully booked and we are taking reservations for August 12. The August 12th clinic is almost half full now. We will have a second clinic in August, on the 26th. Please see my web page for pictures and information about three dogs that I recently rescued, one of which needs a loving home. http://spaypanama-chiriqui.org/117th.html Big thanks to Dr. Andres Tello, to everyone who donates whether financial or otherwise, and to those who bring their animals to be sterilized. PS - If you have any old lightweight blankets, please donate them for use in the recovery areas! I used to have plenty but over time a lot have disappeared. Thank you! Dottie
  7. Well, this certainly (?) won't be finalized before his trial on June 25th. The weasel will try anything and everything to escape justice.
  8. Apparently while Martinelli was incarcerated in the US, he didn't have any of the "health problems" that mysteriously cropped up as soon as he stepped foot into Panama. This is a ploy all the high-level criminals use as their "stay out of jail" card. A doctor claims that stress is a big problem with hypertension. Martinelli didn't claim stress while incarcerated in the US, even though he says, "...during the year he was imprisoned in Miami he was locked up "like a dog without being able to read, but I stayed like a man", and considered a five-star hotel El Renacer prison, where he is detained after his extradition, in comparison with his "confinement" in the United States.
  9. Dottie Atwater

    Rain = Humidity = Mold

    Thank you, John!
  10. Dottie Atwater

    Rain = Humidity = Mold

    I imagine you have to keep dogs away from the area until it's dry, but is the residue harmful to dogs when it's dry?
  11. On May 20, 2018 at our 116th clinic, Dr. Tello spayed/neutered 47 dogs and cats. In addition, Dr. Tello performed several other procedures, including amputation of a dog's leg. http://spaypanama-chiriqui.org/116th.html See the information on my web page about the new law that could mean prison for animal abusers. They recently held a big training session for the Bocas del Toro area about preventing abuse of animals. In a picture, slide shows were presented and dozens of people were in attendance. Also good news is that the corregidurias, political appointees who have no real power, are being replaced by Justices of the Peace. They have more broad-reaching authority, including the power to levy fines and actually order people to jail. The clinics are a full-time job for me, but the work is a project from my heart, something I can't NOT do. I'm still bothered greatly when I see a suffering animal, or a female dog with big milk-filled teats. It's difficult for me to internalize the fact that we can't save them all. But we are making progress, both with the number of dogs and cats spayed/neutered and the fact that Panama is now serious about preventing animal abuse. As I created the web page for this 116th clinic, I happened to look back at the 8th clinic, which was on March 16, 2008-- exactly two years after we began the clinics. I was really excited to have rented the building that I still rent today. It is ideal for our purposes. http://spaypanama-chiriqui.org/Eighth.html. It is a very long web page but interesting to see where we were then and where we are now. As of that date, we had sterilized 378 animals, and to date the number is 4,417. Among the changes since then, the volunteers are all different today. In that web page, I mentioned the costs of certain medications and supplies. Like everything else, those costs are much higher now. And my phone numbers and email address are not the same as then. Also different from the earlier days: I walked door to door all over town each month, handing out literature about the benefits of sterilization and trying to sign people up for appointments. After I was able to stop doing that, then for a long time I put up 60 notices all over town each month, inviting people to register for the next clinic. Now, for a long time, it has been just word of mouth and clinics are full two months in advance. Good news in a way, and in another way, while people wait, puppies and kittens are being born to unsterilized dogs and cats. We will have two clinics in August to try to help this situation. Big thanks to Dr. Andres Tello, to all our volunteers, contributors whether financial or otherwise, and to the people who bring their animals to be sterilized. It is heartwarming to witness so many Panamanians who dearly love their pets! Big hugs, Dottie
  12. The training in this post was in Bocas del Toro province. I wonder when/if they will have training in Chiriqui.
  13. What they can do at the hospital in Volcan is very limited. For anything except the most minor issue, they will send the person to the hospital in Bugaba or to Hospital Regional.